7keema: On-Demand Home Based Nursing Services

A medical doctor and public health specialist, Amr Bakr worked in UN agencies and multiple international organizations. The idea of entrepreneurship struck him while he was serving his last job placement as a Chief of Party with Johns Hopkins University. He somehow believed that technology is the future and businesses would be all technology enabled in the coming years. He got in touch with his friend Tamer Shawer who is excellent in organization management and encouraged him to join his journey. Both of them started with market research to define the lacuna existing in the healthcare space. To their surprise, they found out that nursing gap is the hugest one everywhere in the world. With an aim to bridge this gap, they decided to deploy all available technologies to enhance healthcare delivery. This marked the beginning of 7keema.

7keema has an average monthly growth of 33 per cent and is now up-scaling into Africa with a very promising entrepreneurship program

7keema (pronounced as Hakeema) provides a variety of services at home through its on demand platform. These services range from quick care e.g.injections passing through elderly care, wound care, up to ICU care for patients after hospital discharge. “We offer unique solutions to address several industry problems. The quality inherited instant services that are really traceable and safe, customer-focused management, excellent operations, variety of services, the flexibility of provider gender and level, around the clock service, experienced providers and a very competitive price rate are few of our distinguishing factors,” enlightens Amr.

It is likely that in the coming years, primary healthcare will entirely be replaced by Artificial Intelligence-based nursing triage which means humans will have no role in this step. Moreover, the hospitals’ role will decrease to be only for surgeries and ICU care;
Amr Bakr,   Founder and CEO

Amr Bakr

Founder and CEO

diagnostics will be dramatically disrupted with technology and will be easily manipulated at home. 7keema, in such a scenario, will provide technology solutions that enrich the home care health and ensure the best accessibility and quality of healthcare and will be the main hub of trained nurses that fill in the gap.

The Journey
7keema, since inception, has focused on the pains of all stakeholders. It has ensured the best quality of services, best customer service, and the best environment for the team as lately it has acquired ISO 9001/2015 and is on the verge of being JCI accredited.

Earlier in April and during SeedStars’19 Global Summit, 7keema has been announced as the winner of the Rising Tide Foundation Empowerment Prize which guarantees it access to the SeedStars Growth Program as well as an equity investment. SeedStars Global is the biggest startup competition focusing on emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes which held its grand finale with the sixth edition of the Global SeedStars Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A Promising Growth
7keema has an average monthly growth of 33 per cent and is now upscaling into Africa with a very promising entrepreneurship program. Also, it is upscaling to Nigeria, UK, Qatar, and South Africa in the upcoming six months. 7keema has put its women empowerment program which has four main axes into action. The program creates a great platform to support women overall with special focus on working women, nurses, refugees and African entrepreneurs. “We have introduced new app features related to AI symptoms check for nursing triage and Telenursing service. We will soon start working on medical transportation services that augment the nursing services and saves lives,” Amr concludes.