9 Balls India: On A Mission To Evolve As The Go - To Brand For Game Tables & Recreation Equipment

Aunkit Parekh,   FounderSet up with a vision to establish itself as one of the most renowned Indian brands of indoor table games and recreation equipment in line with international brands like Brunswick, Bengaluru-based 9BALLSINDIA is on a mission to provide a wide range of modern, designer, and top quality game tables and related recreation products to their customers while ensuring a perfect playing experience. Established by Aunkit Parekh, in 2016, 9BALLSINDIA is a Game Tables and Sporting Goods Company essentially focused on indoor sports/gaming equipment like Pool/Snooker Tables, Foosball/Soccer Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Carrom Boards, Chess Tables, Poker/Card Tables and more. The company began with the bold ambition of delivering an affordable, innovative gaming experience via best-in-class game tables built on international quality standards. Today, 9BALLSINDIA caters to a wide spectrum of customers across India including Sports Clubs, Real Estate Groups, Corporates, Hotels and Resorts, and more.

“At 9BALLSINDIA, we believe that our customers do not just purchase our products, but make an investment and therefore, we ensure that each of our products is crafted and manufactured with high quality materials to make it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. We operate under an omnichannel model, whereby, apart from our physical setup in Bengaluru, we cater across India through our online store. With our extensive network of technicians and support staff across the country, we are capable of supplying as well as providing after sales support to our customers' pan India and therefore, have become the preferred choice for most customers looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier in a very short span of time”, speaks Aunkit Parekh, Founder, 9BALLSINDIA.

Focused on Becoming a One Stop Shop
Working towards their vision to evolve as an organized homegrown one-stop brand for the entire Game Tables and Recreation equipment offering, 9BALLSINDIA's most of the product categories are their own-make and sold under their own brand name. The firm is recognized as being always the first in this industry to innovate and introduce modern and luxury designs across its product lines. 9BALLSINDIA’s product offerings include Pool, Snooker/Billiard Tables, Foosball/ Soccer Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Carrom Boards, Chess Tables, Poker/Card Tables, and Poker Chips. The company has also introduced Gaming Furniture like Dining Pool Tables, Pool Tables cum Conference Tables, Coffee Foosball Tables, and more. “Our flagship offering is our modern, luxury, and designer range of Game Tables which can be customized as per client’s requirement, which is manufactured and marketed under the 9BALLSINDIA brand. Under all categories of game tables, we have offerings ranging from affordable price points to luxury and high-end models”, shares Aunkit Parekh.

The company caters to a wide spectrum of customers including Sports Clubs, Game Zones, Corporate Offices, Coworking spaces, Real Estate Clubhouses, Social and Recreation Clubs and Gymkhanas, Educational Institutes, Hotels, and Resorts, Paying Guest Accommodations and Co-living Spaces, Restaurants and Cafes, Private Farmhouses, Villas and Homes. 9BALLSINDIA supplies to them directly as well as through their dealer network, architects, and interior designers. The company also has film celebrities, company CEOs, HNIs, IITs, IIMs, top-rank corporates, and major hotel/resort chains amongst their clientele.
9 BALLS INDIA’s online storefront is one of their major USPs as it helps them market their products across India since customer perceives 9BALLSINDIA to be a modern brand with having national presence. Whereas, most of the competitors’ market is concentrated around their own city/ state as they are still operating under a brick-and mortar setup. Further, considering 9BALLSINDIA has an all-India capability of supply, installation, and after sales support, the company is able to expand its market faster than its peers.

Where Quality is Every thing
Striving to become one of the most renowned game tables and recreation equipment brands, 9BALLSINDIA's focus has always been on providing the best quality product possible at the most affordable prices. The technical and qualitative correctness of various parts of the game table is of utmost importance for the table to function properly, once it is installed and provides the customer with a seamless playing experience. Therefore, in case the table is sub standard, the same is easily identifiable by the customer once it is put to use.

“Keeping this into perspective, 9BALLSINDIA from its very inception has always stressed associating with the best across the value chain, whether, it is the raw materials suppliers, brands supplying accessories, logistics partners, or technicians installing the tables. This ensures that top quality product and service is provided to our customers. Further, we provide general maintenance manuals once the product is put to use and after-sales support is also provided in terms of spares and repairs as and when required. Also, we take continuous feedback from our customers on their perception of the quality of products and services. The same is implemented swiftly to ensure the best possible customer experience”, briefs Aunkit Parekh.

Striving to become one of the most renowned game tables & recreation equipment brands, 9BALLSINDIA’s focus has always been on providing the best quality product possible at the most affordable prices

Leveraging Technology to Make Way Ahead
9BALLSINDIA has been a profitable startup from the beginning. The company’s aim has always been to build a sustainable long term business and therefore, 9BALLSINDIA has a razor sharp focus on maintaining the costs vis a vis their revenues to ensure profitability. “This has allowed us to largely operate under a bootstrapped mode post the initial angel funding and also see us through the difficult covid period. Also, we have a huge pool of repeat customers which gives us validation in terms of our product quality and service”, speaks Aunkit Parekh.

9BALLSINDIA is currently leveraging technology as a business enabler. The company was the first player in the Game Tables industry to launch an online store back in 2016 and even to date, they have not invested in a physical showroom space and continue to attract customers across India through their online storefront. “We operate under a hybrid system where the entire product catalog is showcased through an online store and at the same time, considering our products require technical clarity and customization before purchase, we handhold our customers on call as well as inperson, wherever feasible, in selecting the right product mix before they place their orders. Also, a lot of our customers in the B2B segment like Real Estate Groups, Corporates, Hotels/Resorts, and more, typically follow the traditional mode of purchase, through purchase orders and normally do not place orders directly on the online store. Yet, having an online store presence and effective use of digital marketing tools helps us build a perception of a modern brand that is in sync with the times and trends and is highly cost-effective vis a vis having a physical showroom space across multiple cities” explains Aunkit Parekh.

Since post Covid, there is a lot of traction in the personal use space, where more and more customers have started buying Game Tables for inhouse entertainment with their friends and family, 9BALLSINDIA is focused on introducing innovative/ modern luxury designs across the table categories as the company feels that this is one area which is going to see tremendous growth in the coming future with modern homes and luxury lifestyles taking over. Further, the company is also focused on space saving multi gaming tables like Pool Cum Dining cum Table Tennis Tables, Air Hockey Cum Dining/Table Tennis Tables, and Poker Tables cum Dining Tables. Further, 9BALLSINDIA is also looking at expanding its offerings to include Gym Equipment, Kids' Play Equipment, Sports Flooring and Infrastructure Solutions, and Arcade/VR Games so that they can undertake end-to-end turnkey projects with their real estate, corporate, and hotels/resort clientele in the coming future.

“Along with growing local market, we are currently focusing on exporting our products to international markets as well. We have already exported to customers in the Middle East and African countries and aim to expand our international market going ahead. Further, we are also looking at offering OEM solutions to international clients who are looking at moving their sourcing away from China to India”, signs off Aunkit Parekh.