91 Marcom: Riding the Tech-infused Revolution, Unlocking the Future of PR

 Gaurav Joshi,  Founder & CEO

Gaurav Joshi

Founder & CEO

In the realm of public relations, where perception reigns supreme, technology isn’t a mere option it’s the linchpin of success. The traditional avenues of media outreach, press releases, and reputation management have been seamlessly joined by an expansive array of digital platforms and influencers who wield immense power in shaping public perception. Navigating this intricate labyrinth of PR and marketing is akin to walking a tightrope where balance and agility are paramount. The union of technology and PR has become indispensable. In such a landscape where the status quo is constantly challenged, a distinctive agency has emerged as a shining exemplar of adaptability, innovation, and excellence - 91 Marcom.

Founded in 2018, 91 Marcom stands at the precipice of a significant break through, having honed its expertise in PR, influencer marketing, and digital marketing. It acknowledges that the modern business environment necessitates a multifaceted strategy that seamlessly blends traditional PR practices with the innovations of the digital age. Instead of viewing PR, influencer marketing, and digital marketing as disparate entities, 91 Marcom seamlessly integrates them into a comprehensive suite of services. This recognition of the interconnectedness of these disciplines empowers the agency to deliver exceptional results that consistently surpass client expectations.

Central to 91 Marcoms philosophy is an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. “While many agencies provide quality work, we take an extra stride by focusing intensely on delivering measurable returns on investment”, says Gaurav Joshi, Founder and CEO of 91 Marcom. Every campaign, strategy, and client engagement is approached with meticulous attention to quantifiable ROI. 91 Marcom ensures that results aren’t merely numbers on a report but tangible enhancements to the client’s bottom line. Whether it’s an increase in website traffic, a surge in social media engagement, leads generated, or even revenue growth attributable to a campaign, 91 Marcom ensures that clients can witness a direct correlation between their investment and the concrete benefits they reap. The agency’s dedication to delivering measurable ROI has earned it a reputation as a strategic ally for businesses seeking to build their brand while achieving tangible business objectives.
Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology with a Human Touch
Integral to 91 Marcom’s approach is the strategic utilization of cutting-edge technology. The agency wholeheartedly embraces artificial intelligence tools to enhance the efficiency and precision of its operations. By harnessing AI in research and content creation, 91 Marcom expedites its workflow, providing clients with timely and well-informed solutions. However, it’s not just about technology; it’s about infusing the human element into every facet of its work.

91 Marcom’s approach isn’t to replace human creativity with technology but to enhance it. Recognizing that creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking are distinctly human traits, the agency ensures that behind the algorithms and data points, a team of skilled professionals comprehend the intricacies of storytelling, branding, and client relationships. By analyzing data and trends, they gain profound insights into audience behavior, which informs their creative strategies. Technology empowers their creativity, making it more strategic and practical.

Central To 91 Marcom’s Philosophy Is An Unwavering Commitment To Client Satisfaction

Moreover, its client-centric approach emphasizes understanding clients’ unique needs, goals, and challenges. 91 Marcom believes in open, transparent communication, working closely with clients to elevate their vision through technology-infused strategies, fostering trust and long-term partnerships. The result isn’t generic success but tailored success, specific to client objectives, delivered through the perfect synergy of technology and the human touch.

Investment in People
Beyond technological prowess, 91 Marcom’s commitment to its employees is a testament to its ethos. The agency firmly believes that the success of any organization hinges on the contentment and growth of its work force. Consequently, it invests significantly in its team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal development. The agency provides comprehensive medical insurance, ensuring its team members have access to quality healthcare. It also promotes financial security by encouraging the establishment of National Pension System (NPS) accounts, fostering a sense of financial responsibility and future planning.

Moreover, the agency supports its employees in building financial wealth through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). This forward-thinking approach empowers team members to invest wisely and secure their financial futures. 91 Marcom understands that a content and motivated workforce is central to delivering exceptional results, and these investments in employee well-being contribute to the agency’s success.

91 Marcom is not merely an agency but a transformative force within PR and marketing. 91 Marcom's priority is to establish the brand as an innovative marketing firm that delivers substantial returns on investment for clients. Our positioning strategy highlights our ability to offer a one-stop solution for all marketing needs, helping clients achieve revenue gains that are tenfold their initial investment”, says Joshi. As 91 Marcom charts its course toward international expansion, it seeks to redefine the rules of PR and marketing, making them more adaptable, measurable, and effective. This agency is not content with following trends; it aspires to set them. 91 Marcom is a testament to the enduring power of adaptation, innovation, and unwavering commitment in a landscape defined by change. With nearly five years of experience behind it and a future filled with promise, 91 Marcom is poised to shape the future of PR and marketing while delivering excellence in the present.