9ballsindia: Bringing Forth a Wide Range of Best Quality Game Tables & Entertainment Products

   Aunkit Parekh,  Founder and Managing Director

Aunkit Parekh

Founder and Managing Director

Asports startup focused on selling sports and gaming equipment is a top destination for sports fans and gamers especially the ones that specialize in offering a variety of innovative, designer and highquality gaming and entertainment products. These products are carefully curated to offer the best gaming experience, whether played alone or with friends and family. With continued innovation and investment, the future of sports looks bright for startups and established companies alike. One such startup is 9BALLSINDIA, a Game Tables and Recreational Goods Company, essentially focused on indoor sports/gaming equipment like Pool/Snooker Tables, Foosball Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Carrom Boards, Chess Tables, Poker/Card Tables, and more. The company has an Omni channel business model, which means that in addition to its physical location in Bengaluru, it also serves all of India via its online store.

9BALLSINDIA was established in 2016, with a vision to become the most renowned Indian brand of indoor table games and recreation equipment in line with international brands like Brunswick. “Our mission is to provide a wide range of modern, designer and topquality game tables and related recreation products to our customers and create the perfect playing experience. We began with the bold ambition of delivering an affordable,

innovative gaming experience via best-in-class game tables built on international quality standards”, speaks Aunkit Parekh, Founder and Managing Director. A key USP that helps the firm to stand out from the competition and develop its market quicker than others is its online storefront because of this it has a distinct advantage over competitors because, unlike them, 9BALLSINDIA can supply, install, and provide after sales service across all of India.

9BALLSINDIA is transforming India's game table & recreation equipment industry through innovation, quality, & customer satisfaction

The company's flagship offering is its modern, luxury, and designer range of game tables catering to a wide range of customers with different budgets and preferences. “We have also introduced Gaming Furniture like Dining Pool Tables, Pool Tables cum Conference Tables, which have enabled clients to mix amusement and functionality in their home or business. This is especially important now that individuals are spending more time at home and trying to make their living spaces multipurpose”, says Aunkit Parekh.

9BALLSINDIA is led by its Founder and Managing Director, Aunkit Parekh, who is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for sports and a deep understanding of the market. Aunkit is known for his hands on approach to business, and his ability to build and lead high performance teams. 9BALLSINDIA has skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are committed to the company's vision of becoming a one stop shop for game tables and recreation equipment in India.

Looking ahead, the company is poised for significant growth, both domestically and internationally. By expanding its online presence and offering customized solutions for B2B clients, such as sports clubs, gaming zones, real estate groups, corporates, hotels, and resorts, 9BALLSINDIA is well positioned to continue to grow its local market. Also, the company has considerable growth prospects due to its emphasis on exporting its goods to markets abroad, including those in the Middle East and Africa. By offering OEM solutions to international clients looking to move their sourcing away from China, 9BALLSINDIA is able to leverage its expertise in manufacturing and production to further expand its reach and build a reputation as a trusted supplier of high-quality game tables.