A N Dezignz: Committed to Delivering Quality Design

Joyonnita Banarjee                    ,  DirectorThe root of the interior designing industry in India comes from a rich heritage and is thriving on the innovative originality and artistic vision of today's creative designers. The continuously increasing population of the country results in a greater need for more living spaces, which means there are more and more homes that need the expertise of an interior designer. From small towns to large cities all over the country, interior designers are highly sought after as a result of the fact that the design industry in India has grown tremendously in the past decade. This development implies that the regard of interior designers has gone up drastically and that there is a higher need for qualified professionals in today's market.

A N Dezignz is one such passion driven Interior Designing and Consultancy firm that specializes in the contemporary style of design right from the kitchen, wardrobes and wooden flooring to false ceiling, sofa, and others. It also specializes in the niche design concept for residential projects like Villas, Villaments, Apartments & Bungalow. The company is the brainchild of Joyonnita Banerjee, who has over 14 years of rich experience in interior designing and consultancy and has worked in Nagpur, Mumbai and Bangalore. She has handled
medium and high profile clients and also helped them in choosing the best material as per their requirements.

The team at A N Dezignz comprises of Interior Designers, 3D visualizers, administrative staff and supervisors. It is well supported by the suppliers that provide innovative and quality products for timely execution. The team is committed to delivering quality output and promises to offer lifetime support to their clients.

Since inception, A N Dezignz has been committed to delivering unique and highly functional designs that give enduring delight

A N Dezignz'
Approach For every project they carry out, the team has set an approach that they follow to deliver accurate outcome. The team starts with visiting the client's site, takes all the necessary measurements and finalizes the layout. Based on the sample work and material selection, they offer an estimate. On confirmation of the project, design options are offered to the clients. Detailed 3D views and 2D drawings are made and post detailed discussions about the concept, materials, and time is done with the clients. After that they take the final sign off about the project.

Before the commencement of the project, a detailed briefing is offered to the client to explain the scope of the project. Also, the client is offered a time schedule to complete the project. "We offer the working mood boards (like colours, finishes, layout planning, etc)and proceed after the clients' approval. We also apply changes in the 3D views and 2D drawings according to the clients' requirements," informs Joyonnita.

The Journey
Ahead Since inception, A N Dezignz has been committed to delivering unique and highly functional designs that give enduring delight. The company is driven by the principles of originality, creativity and enthusiasm. It has carved a niche in the market by creating elegant, intelligent and dynamic interiors infused with passion and creativity. "Our aim is to provide personalized interior designs to our clients that go beyond their imagination. We picture trendy yet purposeful designs which not only reflect our client's preferences but also enrich their lives," she concludes.