A Players Services: A Reliable Recruitment Partner

Shikha Gupta, Founder

Shikha Gupta


Players Services is the brainchild of a dentist turned entrepreneur Shikha Gupta. With her establishment she intends to simplify the hiring needs so that organizations can invest their time and energy in other priorities to actuate its overall development. Through A Players Services, she intends to put forward a pool of talents that best suits to the recruitment needs of the concerns. Considering which the company's services are put up under four categories Referrals, Development, Target research, and Strategy. Adhering to any of this the company singles out the best candidates in the industry and sets to the companies that need them and where they can structure their line of work. In short, this venture works towards bringing the right people and the right institution close to each other. “From day one, the only end in view that we are manoeuvring on is to discover the ideal match for our clients. And for this we dedicate our time and energy to unearth the hiring essentials. Based on their requirement to select the candidates, assuring best experience to both the employer and the employee,” states Shikha Gupta, Founder, A Players Services.

How did it All Begin!
Shikha made her debut in the entrepreneur realm in the year 2017, when she sowed the seeds of this blooming company. A dentist by profession, Shikha's interest in the recruitment industry grew when she observed the potentiality, scopes as well as the gaps that existed within the space. It was the challenges of analyzing and hiring the right person that propelled her to venture into this domain and lay the founding stone of A Players Services.

A Players Services has noticed a healthy organic growth both in revenue and in term of clients

Shikha's ideology and efforts procured the perfect anatomy under the mentorship of Manav Gupta, who has spent substantial years in the industry. At first, she was beady eyed with the entrepreneurial episodes and needs Manav have to encounter, particularly the jitters in hiring or recruiting employees. This rigid situation encouraged her to take a step towards making the entire hiring process straight forward, pure and plain sailing.

With the kind of experience and knowledge she had gained being an observant she marked the genesis of a remarkable journey. “I was surrounded by enterprising people who had been endeavouring in the technology industry. I would notice that they had a tough time in hiring people of their choice, preference and the suited the requirement of their companies. Most of the time it has happened that the employer and the employee contradicted each other’s demand which then led to further complicated situations. So I thought to put a pause to the set of affairs through A Players Services,” she states.

A bootstrapped company, A Players Services has witnessed a success that is a typical. In a span of three years the company has noticed a healthy organic growth both in revenue and in term of clients. It aims to be a reliable partner that never fails its clients and gives its best to create true value for them. It also aspires to enhance its expedition of bridging the link between the proficient candidates and the organizations.