Abgenex: An Innovative Antibody & Reagent Developer Firm

Dr. Sujay Singh,FounderOdisha has vast opportunities for economic development because of its rich biodiversity, abundant natural resources, advantageous geographical location and availability of skilled human resources. Especially in the last few years, the economic growth of the state is becoming visible due to robust governance and implementation of a supportive regulatory framework. In the last few years, Odisha has got several Educational and Research Institutes of national importance making this region a hub for higher education and research. Biomedical research has received a boost in this region with the establishment of these institutes. Abgenex, an innovative antibody and reagent developing company has been able to fit in perfectly to fill in the gap. The government of Odisha is providing full support for the development of the Start-up hub by forming Public-Private Partnership, bio-incubation centres and biotech finishing schools. A special emphasis is given on the biotechnology sector because it is one of the emerging technologies that have excellent potential to grow in Odisha. As a premier biotech company in this region, Abgenex too is fast emerging as a leader in forming the right ecosystem for the biotechnology sector. Abgenex was established with a mission to
develop innovative reagents and antibodies for Life Science researchers in India; making quality reagents easily available and accessible. Besides, the company provides a wide range of custom services including antibody development, recombinant protein production and stable cell line development to the biomedical institutes and industries worldwide. "Unlike other entrepreneurial sectors, Biotechnology is knowledge-driven and needs highly educated skilled personnel. We have been able to create a niche amongst the scientific community and have been associated with marketing many innovative biotech products that earn a lot of applause from the researchers worldwide," says Dr Sujay Singh.

Abgenex's mission is to develop innovative reagents and antibodies for Life Science researchers in India

The Challenges of Growing a Business
A smooth sea never makes good sailors! Challenges are everywhere. And startups are no exception to the myriad of challenges. There is a fierce competition with the established brands unless the products are innovative. Customers are the real force behind a startup's success and winning their trust is one of the most important challenges that startups face today. Understanding this, Abgenex works aggressively to implement a customer-centric business philosophy to succeed. It strives to maintain the sustainable growth and progress its desires to achieve in this tech-savvy and challenging business world. "At Abgenex, we always focus on winning the customer's heart by providing quality products and services in a time-bound manner," he says.

The company, over the years, has created a niche as a premier biotech service provider and is known for its research-oriented products many of which are developed in association with the Government Research Institutions. It offers a wide variety of services in the advanced biotechnology sector that includes recombinant antibody development in mammalian cells, cell line development, protein expression and purification, cell-based assays, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, among others. All these services are high-end research services that involves genetic & protein engineering and cellular & molecular manipulation.