Absolute: Paving A New Wave Of Green Revolution For The World

Agam Khare, Founder & CEO ,Prateek Rawat, Co-Founder & COO

Agam Khare, Founder & CEO

Prateek Rawat, Co-Founder & COO

The Indian AgTech sector is witnessing historical growth, led by increased market demand. A year-on-year investment surge and rapid integration of new-age technologies and the tectonic acceleration have pivoted AgTech as one of the sunrise sectors in India. An Ernst & Young 2020study pegs the Indian Agtech market potential at US$24 billion by 2025, of which only onepercent has been captured so far, and a study by Bain & Company pegs this potential at US$35 billion by 2025.

Leveraging technology in India's agriculture sector can create opportunities forinvestment through modernizing and introducing systemic efficiencies. AgTech and bioscience innovation can address the problem of lack of infrastructure, inefficient supply chains, and poordigital adoption that has historically prevented the sector from reaching its full potential.

Founded in 2015, Absolute is a path-breaking plant bioscience company leveraging the best ofnature, science & innovations to build a better future- For People, For Planet. Absolute operatesacross 16 countries with three business verticals and has developed a range of 100 percent naturalfarm inputs that offer farmers a safer alternative to harmful chemicals while promotinglong-term soil productivity. These inputs are 40 percent more efficient than its chemical alternatives. The company provides a full-stack Ag-cloud platform that integrates farmers' needs frompre-harvest to post-harvest and offers solutions in one place.
Absolute's research team isbacked by over 150 scientists, agronomists and tech experts conducting extensive research overa wide expanse of R&D land stretching across 50 lakh square feet. With over seven years orresearch, the company has built a 4th generation data stack which comprises of of- SatelliteImagery, IoT and Drones, Bio markers and RNA level data.

This data stack is provided to about amillion farmers in the country free of cost. Additionally, it also enables farmers with a market place to trade agricultural commodities globally gain access to better markets and prices. With these offerings, Absolute has been able to increase the eyelid of the farmers by upto 40 percent. "Our mission is to create path-breaking products and services using biotechnology and agriscience which makes life more fulfilling for billions of people and biodiversity on earth", speaks Agam Khare, Founder & CEO, Absolute.

Improving Agriculture Performance Sustainably
Absolute's Upaj is the world's first AgCloud ecosystem, a one stop solution for agricultural practices which helps farmers grow better while optimizing sustainability and productivity. Through AI and Machine Learning, the medium analyzes soil quality, crop diseases, temperature, nutritional value, and weather forecast conditions and leverages this data to advise farmers on how to operate their farms. Along with this, there is a Digital Trade Platformwhich connects farmers, FPOs, food corps, and buyers across the globe to remove ambiguitiesfrom the food trade. "This Agcloud business is operational across several domains of openfarms, greenhouses and vertical farms", says Prateek Rawat, Co-Founder & COO, Absolute.

Absolute's team has 500+ people working full-time, with a global partnership with some of the world's leading scientists and research institutes. Absolute's research DNA is rooted in biology-inspired out-comes, and the company has been developing one of the world's first and largest Nature Intelligence Platforms. It constitutes one of the world's largest microbial, secondary metabolite, signalling molecules and other advanced biocontrol and stimulating agent libraries, all of which power Absolute's Ag cloud platform and Global Trade Platform. Absolute's technology is easy to implement, and the machine-learning algorithms produce actionable in-sights in growers' local language. The company has achieved major milestones since its commencement, such as in December 2015, it started plant bioscience R&D to study plant interactions; in Feb 2022, it raised $100Mn from Sequoia Capital India, Alpha Wave Global, Ti-ger Global and many more.

Absolute's mission is to create path-breaking products and services using Agtech and bioscience, which makes life more fulfilling for billions of people and biodiversity on earth. "Wewill continue to leverage the power of Nature, Science and Exponential Innovations to build abetter future for people and the planet", signs off Agam Khare, Founder & CEO, Absolute.