Accelth: AI-Powered Platform Facilitating Access To Affordable & Cuttingedge Healthcare

Aditya Narain Misra,  Founder & CEO

Aditya Narain Misra

Founder & CEO

Many innovative AI healthcare firms have emerged from India, particularly those whose goals are to lower the cost of diagnosis and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and portability of healthcare. With their creative solutions, technology-focused entrepreneurs are transforming India's enormous healthcare sector.

India-based Generative AI health tech company, 'Accelth' is an attempt by one such doyen, Aditya Narain Misra, (Founder & CEO, Accelth). 'Accelth' is committed to resolving the country's healthcare concerns. The distinctive selling point of Accelth is its emphasis on using generative AI to address healthcare concerns in India. The business has developed cutting-edge solutions to raise the precision and effectiveness of healthcare services for healthcare organizations. Accelth's USP stems from the application of AI technology to enhance the precision and effectiveness of its B2B client's workflows.

In the B2B and D2C healthcare industries, Accelth provides a range of services. Accelth has three significant partnerships in the B2B area. To start, Lupin Pharmaceuticals and the firm are working together to develop a chatbot for post operative care. Second, to classify dermarelated disorders and
generate sample reports, Accelth is working with the Uttar Pradesh Government to develop a report generating computer vision model. Finally, the organizatio is collaborating in a research relationship with a few hospitals in Lucknow to diagnose cancer in cranial X-rays and MRI data. Doctors mostly use Accelth's services as a SaaS tool to improve their diagnosis of medical conditions.

The company offers a D2C app that serves as a health aide, this app is also available for limited co-branding tailored to their partner's needs. A network of doctors is available both within the app and on WhatsApp, and a platform for users to store, manage and beautifully visualize their prescriptions and medical reports are some of its key features. The app has a community of over 127 doctors who will be available to provide telemedicine soon. The virtual Healthcare assistant is exceptionally important as it is based on the latest GPT-4 model and is finetuned to understand the patient's needs and monitor the patient's health by simply conversing in a humanlike manner and letting the doctor know of the relevant data as a day's report.

When telemedicine is integrated with AI technology, like that provided by Accelth, it can allow patients access to cost effective, effective, and high quality medical care regardless of their location or financial situation. Telemedicine, medical records management, AI-powered chatbots, and SaaS tools which are all connected to UHI and are ABDM compliant are a few applications of their native technology in action.

Accelth imagines a future where the treatment has become proactive rather than its current reactive nature. This can be done with preventive analysis. All of Accelth's services are aimed at building the groundwork for the coming shift towards being able to accurately predict healthcare issues that the patient might have in the coming years. Accelth hopes to be the world leader in preventive healthcare in the next 5-10 years. In order to fulfill this mission Accelth hopes to incorporate deep technologies like blockchain and generative AI in its offerings in the coming future.

“In the coming few months we're looking forward to developing our AI/ML models. On the marketing front, we continuously work to reach as many people as possible while making sure to give a top-notch solution that is simple to set up and use. We hope that by giving people control over their healthcare, Accelth can help people and medical organizations”, concludes Aditya Narain Misra, Founder & CEO, Accelth.