ActiveLogica: Intelligent Solutions for HealthCare & Life Sciences

(L-R)Yesudas Grinil, Anton Thomas Joseph & Jayan Jacob Meledom,  Co-Founders & DirectorsActiveLogica, a fitness technology (FitTech) startup is the brain child of two visionaries, Jayan Jacob Meledom and Yesudas Grinil. By incorporating the latest cutting edge technologies, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Wearable Technology, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, the duo aims to improve health outcomes through introducing automated solutions via a health & fitness app.

As experienced IT professionals, the ActiveLogica team know all too well the challenges of balancing a successful career with keeping fit and monitoring one’s health. Even though there are numerous physical fitness centres and online apps currently on the market, the team found that none of these apps simultaneously target B2B and B2C verticals, merging datacentric and outcome based health tracking with user accountability coupled with an intuitive interface.

The team aimed to deliver a product that fosters proactive and intelligent solutions that would contribute to an individual’s lifestyle by providing meaningful data centric insights. “ActiveLogica is the outcome of our personal experience with the unavailability of well organised and functioning B2C apps to monitor our health when we are at work or travelling, that compelled us to design platform that would not only bring consistency in the fitness industry but also enable people to lead a healthy lifestyle” says Jayan Jacob Meledom, Co-Founder, ActiveLogica.

Founded in 2017, ActiveLogica covers the four main verticals i.e. Fitness, Wellness, Healthcare and Life Sciences. ActiveLogica solution is called FITKNOT, a device agnostic mobile app that automates conventional
fitness tracking and delivers a secure and user friendly client module through the Microsoft Azure cloud based server. FITKNOT offers full customisability based on user requirements by tracking and providing realtime fitness statistics, customized alerts and reminders to achieve daily fitness goals and meaningful health metrics.

ActiveLogica is making an outstanding contribution that would cater to various fitness and healthcare needs, makingit easier to track improved health outcomes through innovation & automation

FITKNOT also facilitates effective communication between health professionals and their customers. With FITKNOT writing fitness programs on paper are a thing of the past, so with Fitknot fitness professionals can deliver programs to their clients via the app. In addition, the user may choose to share progress with their trainer who can then provide feedback and tweak the fitness program after reviewing compliance and monitoring effectiveness based on goals previously set.

Data portability means the data ultimately belongs to the user, empowering them to monitor their health and fitness progress over the long term regardless of which fitness centre they belong to. Furthermore, data driven insights will enable businesses such as fitness centres and personal training studios to monitor their return on investment against key metrics.

Overcoming Adversity
The affordability of resources plagues most startups and ActiveLogica was no stranger to the unique challenges of startup culture. Despite excelling in producing a truly innovative product, ActiveLogica encountered several setbacks in its initial stages. Fortunately, the company was recognised by Microsoft Bizpark as an innovator in state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and Blockchain space.

In the same year, ActiveLogica was recognised by Startup India and obtained seed fund assistance from KSIDC and incubated in SIDC BIC infopark. In May 2018, ActiveLogica was selected for the business delegation to the United States by Kerala Startup Mission. “Our leadership team encompasses vast experience and global exposure; while our lean team of employees are young, energetic with a real go getter attitude. Having the best of both worlds has helped us resolve many hiccups and achieves outstanding results,” Jayan adds.

The Future Ahead
To capitalize on its remarkable growth, earlier this year, ActiveLogica invited Dr Sylvia Victor (an NRI currently residing in Australia) to join its Advisory Board for Australian market. The founding members identified Sylvia’s potential to add value to commercialising the FITKNOT app through her passion for health and fitness, together with her global business expertise. ActiveLogica aims to strengthen its market position in India and seeking to expand to overseas markets in the UK, US, Australia and Middle East.

Through FITKNOT, ActiveLogica ultimately hopes to empower users to be proactive about making healthy choices and take ownership of their health and wellness. As a company, they believe that preventative action can help curb the rising cost of health care globally. ActiveLogica has set its sights in making an outstanding contribution that caters to various fitness and healthcare needs, making it easier to track health outcomes, through innovation automation.