Actyv: Foreseeing the Infrastructure for Next-Gen Banking

Ramkumar,CEONeo Bank model is picking up globally. Re-ports say that up to $394 billion will be the total value of this sector by 2026, looking at its bright future possibilities. In India too, the Neo Bank segment was valued $90 million last year. However, the major challenges that neo banks in India face is the lack of scope to enter newer products/service segments which is also the reason why the end consumers are unable to avail advanced banking services.

First is the lack of awareness in the population about digitized banking services which is slowly improving but most importantly, there is a lack of technology service providers who can build a futuristic infrastructure for FIs and SMEs. This is exactly where Actyv comes into play. Established in 2019, Actyv is an intelligent technology layer between the financial institutions and the clients, enabling instant bidirectional interaction.

With their cutting-edge technology and a team of professionals, Actyv is all set to establish the infrastructure for next-gen neo banking. Many SMEs still face the problem of generating capital for starting their business and all the paperwork involved makes the task even more difficult. Actyv has the perfect solution for this. It offers an intelligent integrated platform for SMEs to solve a plethora of operational problems, predominantly aimed at enabling Working capital and be the Digital bridge.

Ensuring a Positive Work Environment
The team of experts at Actyv is managed efficiently by qualified leaders, Ramkumar and Raghu Venkat, who have extensive knowledge in this field and have years of work experience.
Ramkumar, CEO, Actyv says, “Leaders have a tremendous impact on company's culture. It is a known fact that leaders help people grow by connecting employees to three pillars: purpose, accomplishment, and one another. We at Actyv strongly believe that when leaders connect with their employees, they are more likely to have a strong sense of purpose and most likely to be highly engaged while at work. A positive culture is the foundation of Actyv. Meaningful work, appreciation, wellbeing, learning, and leadership are all aspects that form part of Actyv's work culture.”

Actyv considers their employees to be one of their greatest assets. The organization has to provide its employees with a healthy work environment, increase their productivity, and equip them with appropriate knowledge and skills to apply in the workplace. “We believe proper hiring of employees and constructive engagement are the critical factors that make an organization. Hence, we find it important that our employees see “the big picture” and the specific steps needed to achieve it. We encourage sharing of the company's goals.” adds Raghu, Co-Founder & CTO.

Employees should be seen as human beings with their own needs, wants and personal desires. To ensure this, the employees at Actyv are provided with all the basic amenities such as good Food, Team Outing, and a comfortable Workplace. Performance and Retention Bonus are part of every employee's offer. Raghu says, “We have consciously created an ESOP pool of 10 percent and have ensured maintaining it at the same level even after multiple rounds of funding. We believe every employee should benefit and their contribution to Actyv's success be recognized not just in words but also in Monetary Rewards.”

Towards a Bright Future
"We have built and validated a strong suite of product offerings and we are working towards rapidly expanding our customer base. Expansion to the US and the Middle East is our top priority. We are flexible, at the same time we do make certain choices and commit to them in the face of uncertainty. Our leadership team comprising of Dr.Tricha - Head of Data Science, Vishwanth - Director - Engineering and Himanshu - SDE2 are constantly working to keep team members happy and focussed.” concludes Ramkumar.