Adapt Motors: Manufactures of Battery Operated Vehicles

Bharath Mamidoju,Director"People with passion can change the world"-­ once quoted by Steve Jobs holds the secret to entrepreneurial success. Successful entrepreneurs are abundantly passionate about their missions. They are passionate about what their products or services mean to the lives of their customers. They are passionate about changing the world or disrupting an established category. Such is the story of Bharat Mamidoju who founded Adapt Motors. The concept germinated with his curiosity to experiment things in life and career. His passion for machines made him to pursue the Engineering in Mechanical Stream and his love for adventure and nature inspired him to take a course in National Rural Development Program. Over this, he always dreamt of supporting society with some venture like Industry and thus joining all these links he zeroed in upon creating Adapt Motors, an ecofriendly automobile company.

Adapt Motors is touted to be one of South India's first and largest manufacturers of Battery operated vehicles and EV manufacturers and suppliers in the competitive segment of Three wheeler(Passenger, Cargo and Customized) with innovate and native adapted design & Technology. The company offers an array of products that include EV Vehicles, auto rickshaws and carts. Since almost a year now, the company is fully involved in the design, fabrication, assembly and sales of
battery operated rickshaws in India through its strong human resource commitment. "Our strong quality controls and continued tie up with the top suppliers all over the country has helped us build and retain a loyal customer base. Uninterrupted supplies and top quality services have made in the first choice of buyers in the country," he says.

Adapt Motors caters to Public Sector Undertakings, Last Mile Connectivity users, Waste Management Units, Internal Campus Logistics Last Mile Hub Logistics, Retailers for Door Deliveries and as such many more. The main benefit that they obtain is lesser investment and lesser running cost that allows them to gain more commercial profits. The company has strong agreements with Vendors & OEMs that helps it to ensure safety, comfort, and mileage for the users. "We are quite cautious in signing & building vendor network. Some of the unique selling points as per the product & services are Twin Speed Drive system to meet the gradients, Quick Orange Technical Board for instant service," he mentions.

Adapt Motors is one of South India's first and largest manufacturers of Battery operated vehicles and EV manufacturers and suppliers in the competitive segment of Three wheeler

The Journey
Every growing business faces a range of challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions. In the initial days, geographical conditions & expectations of the consumers were few of the hurdles that the company encountered. "We were refused support from State Road&Transport Offices, Insurance Companies & Retail Financing Corporations. Thanks to our dedicated team of Product Development Engineers who designed the product apt to the geographical terrain of the Deccan. We also appreciate our business operations team for their adhered marketing strategies that allowed us to sustain the linear growth of business," explicates Bharat.

The Road Ahead
In the coming years, the company has plans to introduce more upgraded products in 3W commercial segment to meet the commercial market demands. "We have applied for few Automotive Test Approvals for such product. Adapt Motors is also stepping into 2W segment as the market is welcoming. We are also having discussions with trading companies, investors for expanding the product in overseas market such as African countries,"he concludes.