Adarin ET: Hybrid Automobiles with Sustainable Solutions

Kajal Shah,CEO
Kajal Shah, CEO

Presently, the Indian automotive market is heading towards electric mobility revolution. There are two ways to approach electric mobility- Electric Hybrid vehicles(electrified vehicles) and Battery powered Electric vehicles. At this time most of the electric mobility technology is imported which are costly and very few efforts are being made to develop these technological products indigenously. Bangalore based Adarin ET is one of the few companies in India which holds patents in strong electric hybrid transmission technology and has also developed proprietary smart motor controllers and smart battery packs.

In the electric hybrid vehicle space, the company is developing the first 'Battery-less electric hybrid car' with Motomatic Hybrid Transmission (MHT drive)in collaboration with Asian automotive major.“We have also developed an Electric three-wheeler which offers same performance as their Gasoline counter parts and have all smart IOT features. This complete electric power train kit is being marketed to automotive OEMs so
that they can offer electric vehicle variants along with their gasoline and diesel variants,” speaks Kajal Shah, CEO.

" Adarin ET is determined to develop mobility technologies which have zero carbon, zero emission foot print on environment "

The Genesis
The ideation of Adarin ET dates back to a time when the founders while studying in IITs and there after working in Automotive R&D centres understood that a standard approach to improve vehicle mileage is to improve Engine technology and design to make them more fuel efficient. Based on their collective insights on automobiles, they realised that even the driving skills also dictate the real-world mileage achieved by customers and vary driver to driver. This problem gets more aggravated when drivers learn to drive vehicles without any proper technical training. This gave birth to idea of intelligent programmable transmission which reduces the impact of hap-hazard driving patterns of drivers on vehicle mileage. Kajal has a strong background of design and engineering while Saurabh has proven skills in vehicle integration and vehicle testing. So, they came together and zeroed in on Adarin ET to develop intelligent transmission for fuel efficient vehicles. “A major breakthrough in thought process of dealing with a system itself was required. India misses this Lab culture where you have to unlearn things, drop the
judgemental approach then only innovations happen. The product developed at Adarin ET has a very different approach on how Engines, transmission and vehicle are controlled. This is what is keeping us ahead of our competitors,”mentions Kajal.

A start-up focused on developing intelligent transmissions for pure electric and Electric Hybrid vehicles, Adarin ET is adaptive, agile and quick in adapting changing market demands and technological upgradations.Their lead times are also significantly lesser as compared to established companies. With a dedicated team of 12 people including academic and industrial consultants, the company has partnered with a Singapore based Electric Vehicle company, Shado EV to expand their global presence. “Our business partners have been key in helping us understand global market and reach has increased. At present, we have product developments going on for clients from India, Vietnam, Singapore and Middle East,” she adds.

In the years to come,Adarin ET is determined to develop mobility technologies which have zero carbon, zero emission foot print on environment. “The adoption of electric vehicles in itself is a big challenge. We are focused on building an ecosystem around which adaptation/acceptance of electric vehicles will increase like quick charging, battery life similar to vehicle life,” she concludes.