Adda247: Government Job in your Pocket

Anil Nagar,Co-Founder & CEO

Anil Nagar

Co-Founder & CEO

The story of Rajesh Kurmi is just one of the many stories of the successful candidates who have gained benefit from Bankersadda portal. Bihar based Rajesh recently cleared his IBPS exam this year and got selected for Bank of Baroda. Being the son of a milkman, it was really difficult for Rajesh to get proper education in his childhood. But his determination encouraged him to opt for bank exam preparation. Once in an instance a lady noticed this zeal and to help introduced him to Bankers adda and Adda247 App. Rajesh prepared rigorously through these portals and finally his hard work with Bankers adda’s assistance paid off and he got selected for the post of PO in Bank of Baroda. Testimony to such success stories, Adda247 with their unambiguous and meticulous course content covers all the important Government Exams conducted in the country. The company acts a one-stop shop for all the materials and guidance needed by all Banking and SSC aspirant to crack the respective exams.

The Background
Coming from a rural background and not so easy accessibility to quality education,Anil Nagar sincerely attempts to take quality education to masses and providing
a level playing field to all government job aspirants.In 2010, when Anil quit his prestigious job to start his own venture, guiding and teaching the youth was what came to his mind intuitively. This intuitive decision led to the birth of Adda247.“We had a modest start in Noida. With co-founders initiating the program, we started teaching students for Banking and SSC Exams. Initially reaching out to students residing in the remotest corner of the country was strenuous however with exhaustive course content, we gained trust and support of aspirants and our work and effort was acknowledged by all.In very less time we had thousands of students pouring in our coaching institute that was established by the name of Career Power,” explicates Anil.

Delivering education in both online and offline mode, last year,Adda247 had more than 2 crore online users, out of which 2 lac were paid users.

Anil success whims knew no bounds. In 2012 they launched their first online portal bankers (dedicated portal focused on bank jobs),followed by, Adda247 App, Adda247 YouTube Channel and CTET Adda. Currently, Bankers Adda alone attracts more than 2 crore users every year.“We had 60 lac+ users on SSC Addalast year. Our Adda247 App(available in Android as well as iOS version)has more than 2 million downloads in short span of around
1 year. We have around 3.5 lac users spending on an average 20-30 minutes daily on our App. Between our various portals, mobile app and you tube channel, we have approx 10 lac daily active users,” Anil mentions enthusiastically.

Training the Brightest Minds
Living by the motto of ‘Government Jobs in your Pocket’, Adda247’s flagship online products include Video Courses (SD Card Based and Tablet Based), Online Mock Tests, e-books Magazines, amongst others. The company also provides classroom based training programs through their flagship brand Career Power. “While, we are focused on delivering educational services through online mode and make it accessible and affordable to everyone, our offline centres (under the brand Career Power) help us in building credibility among aspirants and also act as a support system to online education delivery,” he says.

Delivering education in both online and offline mode, Adda247is a unique company, which is leading the segment in both offline and online mode.While it trained more than 80,000 students in its various classroom programs across India,it had more than 2,00,000 paid online users.This is a nascent market. “Although, we are the market leader but still our penetration is just about 1-2%(total aspirants vis-à-vis enrolment with us). Our immediate aim is to increase our market penetration and take it to atleast 25 percent in next 3-4 years. We are also focusing on making online delivery of Education more efficient by incorporating tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning”.