Admere Selvyn: Get What You Deserve!

Reetesh Anand,  FounderMaking one’s way into the showbiz industry requires an effort that can move heaven and earth. The enormous immensity and the tough competition can seriously give a hard time to aspiring talents. To be recognized among the millions does not only require the right stroke of luck but also calls for the right platform. Hassled by such turn of events, Reetesh Anand a lyricist and an entrepreneur plumped for instituting the foundation of Admere Selvyn an innovative platform that organizes gigs for artists to participate and showcase their talents. It is a medium through which singers and musicians gird up their loins for their future endeavours. “When I was in my nascent stage as a lyricist approached every production house but unfortunately did not receive any response from them. The only way left to me was to dispense my lyrics to bands that approached me via social media. The situation was trying my patience. But I realized that like me there are several other artists who crave and deserve recognition but are not getting it. Thinking of making this endeavour easy for artists I decided to venture into the music and entertainment sector and raised a platform that will bring to fore the talents,” narrates Reetesh Anand, Founder, Admere Selvyn.

Since receiving constructive insights from other proficient artists is helpful for fresher,
the company is trying to bestow guidance to the greenhorns. The end in view of the initiator was to be a guiding star for all zealous aspirants and assist them in gaining recognition in the music and entertainment industry.

Admere Selvyn whips up a typical gig environment, where the artists perform and a panel of judges I evaluate the gigs and confer valuable feedbacks

The music industry has different sectors and for each sector the company has developed different platforms. The singers and musicians based on the kind of exposure they require can choose the platform. The team of Admere Selvyn whips up a typical gig environment, where the artists perform and a panel of judges evaluates the gigs and confer valuable feedbacks. Basically, it acts like a mentor that nurtures their bents and strong points. And based on their fortes and deftness the company brackets them with beneficial projects. “Our concept is very simple. We want to give artists the respect and opportunity that they deserve. We want to call attention to the artists and assist them to gain recognition in the industry. We are providing them a platform where they can exhibit their talent, tackle their fear and prepare them to keep up with the Joneses,” he states.

The Forward Move
The last three year has been quite great for Admere Selvy. The concept has gained utmost popularity among young talents which helped it leave an impressive impact in the industry. The revenue of the company has touched the sky and its customers’ count has escalated to more than 2000. “We hold pride in saying that the very first competition shows attracted about 100 registrations. This was indeed one of big opening we had in our initial days which helped us gain popularity and stability in the ecosystem. We are experiencing a revenue growth of 5L perannum and counting and our platform is getting wider each day,” he adds.

The company is aiming to work towards merging the company with the social media platforms which will help artists reach their targeted audience and gain recognition worldwide. We are making rooms for both individual and group performers.