ADZ Junction Media: One-Stop Solution for All Advertising Qualms

Ashok Nain, Founder

Ashok Nain


With online advertising is becoming more & more complex, everyone is looking for a reliable and trustworthy network that can take care of all the advertising worries. Gurugram based ADZ Junction Media can be best defined as a digital marketing service provider which includes Digital Strategy, Content, Web/Mobile Design, Development and Marketing, Search Marketing, Social, Mobile Advertising, Video Creation and Video Advertising. ADZ Junction Media is the brainchild of Mr. Ashok Nain, who has worked with top digital marketing companies since 2007 and has been an integral and intrinsic part in their journey of success. While working with these companies, he perceived the ambiguities that prevailed in the industry and he decided to leverage his experience and expertise and zero in upon creating a venture that would provide better solutions in the field of digital marketing and advertising. This marked the foundation of ADZ Junction Media in the end of 2015 which was further nurtured by mid of 2016. The idea behind launching his own company and becoming an entrepreneur was to give some technologically advanced and more viable solutions than those available. The company started with Mobile advertising which gradually extended to Web and Video business as well.
As the company commenced its operations, the first challenge the team encountered was that of providing professional services and quantified results to clients who were struggling with quality and scaling issues, especially in Mobile advertising. The endearing team with their sound research helped the clients to overcome their mobile advertising worries by identifying their targeting issues and helped them in adding many more traffic sources. “We introduced realtime bidding, Mobile in app advertising, rich media and many other innovations to overcome clients’ problems of quality traffic generation. We have now a separate mobile division by name of AJ Mobile where we encourage clients to work exclusively on mobile campaigns,” mentions Ashok.

ADZ Junction Media currently has 100 + clients on board from different verticals like Real Estate, E-Commence, BFSI, Gaming and many more, generating over USD 1.5 MN business

While initially, most of its peers were targeting audiences in tier 1 cities and majorly on an¬droid devices for a long time, team ADZ Junction began targeting android as well as iOS users, both from tier 2 and 3 cities to create niche in the emerging markets. The company constantly upgraded its strategies and expertise to a new level to provide most viable and innovative solutions in the advertising space. To be technically sound, it has strived hard in building an inhouse and robust affiliate marketing platform to offer clients a realtime tracking and analytics platform. It is currently working and developing a technology with association with telecom operators to develop a smart and real time traffic buying SMS platform to avoid the hassles in SMS marketing.

The Journey of Thousand Miles
Since inception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds by offering innovative solutions and reliable services. It currently has 100 + clients on board from different verticals like Real Estate,
E-Commence, BFSI, Gaming and many more, generating over USD 1.5 MN business. Currently operating from Gurugram, with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai & Dubai, it is soon planning to extend its operations to Australia and US for catering to worldwide client base. ADZ Junction has drafted a complete roadmap to achieve this goal by recruiting new talent, developing and acquiring latest technologies, as well as opening up more offices at strategic locations. “We are gradually progressing towards our goal and hope to become a fullfledged digital marketing company by mid 2020,”he concludes.