Aelius Turbina: The Renewable Designing and Lifestyle

Ankit Rashmikant Modi,DirectorClimate change is a global concern and the depleting energy resources have made it clear that there's an urgent need to develop and transform the infrastructure and construction industries. The world is already adopting a greener and sustainable approach towards renewable-energy-enabled lifestyles. In India, since ancient times, the Sun has been worshiped as a life-giver to our planet. Mumbai-based Aelius Turbina has been renovating the infra sector in India with its in-house developed aesthetically-pleasing BIPV (Building-Integrated Photo-voltaic) Solar Technology which can be directly integrated into building envelopes.

This revolutionary company envisions a world where solar power generation is virtually possible through any surface touched by the Sun. The founder's conviction to fight against climate change and bring evolution in people's lifestyle and work-culture has given birth to Aelius Turbina. Aelius BIPV product range includes Solar Cladding, Solar Railing, Solar Bench, Solar window, Solar Louvers, Solar Facades, Watertight Solar Roof, Solar Sunshade, and many more such endless implementations.

Also, India has a massive potential to utilize its vast solar energy. Hypothetically, a small proportion of the total incident solar energy can meet the entire country's power
consumption requirements. As per the analysts, the global BIPV market will generate a demand of USD 32.2 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 23.4% over the next seven years. Aelius Turbina's BIPV product range is helping India in achieving an ambitious target of installing 100MW of solar by 2022, as BIPV has a variety of advantages over the conventional solar PV plant.

The company's innovative BIPV systems provide architects, engineers, building owners, and investors the opportunity to embrace and profit from solar energy without compromising beauty. Aelius Turbina is developing the most cost-efficient renewable energy solutions of the desired scale as per the requirement.

Aelius Turbina ­ The Eternal Sun and The Ever-lasting Wind
The company's USP is its 2-in-1 Integrated Water-Tight Solar Roof. The proprietory structural water-tight design of solar panels makes it 25% more economical with 20% in-creased power generation. The advanced laser flat pipe solution auto cleans the solar roof like natural rain ensuring a higher energy yield.

Aelius solar products are conceived, envisaged, and built completely in-house to integrate sustainable design features into the urban outdoor environment. The company has a variety of urban solar products like Aelius Solar Bench having features like USB charging, etc., Aelius Solar Railing is a smart power-generating balcony railing, Aelius Solar Sunshade performs like a solar shading system to protect the building from overheating and the BIPV element generates electricity for the building, Aelius Solar cladding turns the exterior of the building into a vertical micro power plant, Aelius Wind Turbina is company's state-of-the-art 1kW small renewable energy system that is powered by the Sun and energized by the wind, etc.

The brainchild of Mr. Ankit Modi, a qualified Construction Engineer and a renowned Renewable Energy Architect with various international certifications, Aelius Turbina has been working with projects requiring complex building performance modeling and environmental assessments.

The company also draws its strength from the two visionaries Japen Shah and Hitesh Hakani, the pioneers in driving the company's continued growth and in-novation ever since its inception in 2019. The company's vast clientele includes Navneet Education, ANS Group, Gandhi Special Tube Ltd, infra developers like Rupa Developers, Neelkanth Developers, and other renowned charitable trusts and residential societies. Aelius Turbina is a proud contributor to Atma Nirbhar Bharat and the Vocal for Local campaign.