Aeropaarth: Transforming Emergency Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Air Ambulance Services & Lifesaving Solutions

Pooja Suri ,Director

Pooja Suri


The medical air transport services sector offers swift and critical transportation for patients in need of urgent care, often using air ambulances equipped with medical facilities. These services play a vital role in transporting patients over long distances or to specialized medical facilities, providing rapid and lifesaving transport during emergencies. However, there is a huge gap in the demand of these services in India and their availability, particularly in remote areas.

Additionally, the high-cost of hiring an air ambulance has also resulted in fewer people opting for these services even during time-sensitive situations. With the aim of revolutionizing this industry to make financially affordable air ambulance services available to the underserved Indians, Aeropaarth came into being. A unique startup focused on making air ambulance services accessible and affordable, Aeropaarth, boasts a collective experience of 58 years in Air Ambulance/Charter Services.

Advanced Solutions
With a global reach and an established repute in the sector, Aeropaarth stands out for its advanced solutions delivered by its leadership team of seasoned professionals to its operations. Employing a unique combination of medical expertise of hospitals and added experience in the aviation industry, a global reach, and cost-effectiveness, Aeropaarth has quickly become the go-to air ambulance services provider round the globe.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the air medical transportation industry internationally by making it more accessible and affordable.
We aim to introduce innovations that improve the overall efficiency of patient transfers, ensuring that individuals in critical conditions receive early medical treatment they need with minimum financial barriers. Our vision is to be a leading provider in the industry, ensuring that patients in need can access timely and cost-effective medical transportation. The mission is rooted in a desire to serve and help others during critical medical situations”, shares Pooja Suri, Director of Aeropaarth.

Investing in modern technologies to streamline processes with the ultimate goal of enhancing efficiency of the services, the firm is known for its visionary approach towards the industry. The company is also harnessing the capabilities of cutting edge technology and latest medical equipment, including state-of-the-art medical monitoring devices, communication systems, maintained machines (Aircraft and Helicopter) and aviation technologies that contribute to the safety and efficiency of the air ambulance operations.

This mixture of advanced resources and experienced manpower allows Aeropaarth to deliver the highest standard of Air Ambulance Services. Aeropaarth has specific service for transporting Organs, dead bodies and Pediatric Incubator.

Our service reaches to the farthest/remotest of the area where scheduled flight is simply not available. We have positioned ourselves as the global provider of Air Ambulance services

“To scale up and systemize our business, we focus on strategic partnerships, continuous training for our operational teams, and investment in scalable technologies. This approach enables us to meet the growing demand for our services while maintaining high standards”, further shares Pooja Suri.

Future Roadmap
Pioneering a vision of global accessibility to critical medical care, the company is steadfast in its commitment to future growth. The firm’s ambitions for the coming years entail extending its global footprint, making Air Ambulance services readily available across diverse regions. Embracing latest Aircraft/Helicopters is pivotal in Aeropaarth’s mission, aiming to optimize services for greater efficiency and efficacy.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation in medical transportation, the team at Aeropaarth is striving to redefine industry standards in order to get closer to its ultimate goal of ensuring that individuals worldwide have access to timely and comprehensive care during critical moments, fostering hope and assurance in the face of emergencies. This vision propels the team forward, steering the company toward an optimistic future filled with expanded horizons and enhanced Air Ambulance Transport Services for those in need.