Aeroplast: Thriving to be a Leading Brand Name through Quality & Perseverance

Naveen Hirawat,     FounderOwing to the rapid industrialization and irrigation in the developing economies, PVC pipes have witnessed a dominant rise over the past few years. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) represents the largest worldwide market used in Electrical wiring Purpose apart from water and sewer industries due to their wide availability, inexpensive nature, and flexibility. aeroplast, by Hirawat Industries, is a renowned brand known for its outstanding quality of Rigid PVC Conduit Pipe. The experience that the company has, in terms of manufacturing and the unparalleled services provided, makes it stand out as a leading player in the competitive market. “Our unwavering dedication to satisfying our client’s desire and needs goes deep into all aspects of our existence”, says Founder, Naveen Hirawat. A renowned manufacturer of Brand Rigid PVC Conduits products, Naveen Hirawat has 21 years of experience in the relevant industry and with much dedication has improved the company to greater heights.

The Asia-Pacific Region the Target Region
The Global PVC Pipe Market size was valued at $54,246 million in 2015 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.7 percent to reach $85,565 million by 2022. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third-largest selling plastic commodity after polyethylene & polypropylene. It is beneficial over other materials owing to its chemical resistance, durability, low cost, recyclability, and others; thus, it can replace wood, metal, concrete, and clay in different applications. Piping and piping systems are major applications of PVC resin. PVC pipes are manufactured by extrusion method in a variety of dimensions such as a solid wall or cellular core construction. These are corrosion resistant, costeffective, flame resistant, and easy to install & handle, and environmentally sound, with long service life.

The commercial use of plastic materials by the piping industry constitutes for a significant volume of polymers. PVC represents the largest worldwide market for plastics as pipes and fittings constitute the largest application market for PVC resin, with more than 40 percent share in 2015.
According to the CXOs of leading companies, growth in investment toward R&D, increase in demand for PVC pipes in various applications, and excellent physical properties of these pipes drive its demand among various end-users. The demand for PVC pipes is expected to witness significant growth in all the regions. The global demand for PVC pipes is dominated by Asia-Pacific due to rapid industrialization and urbanization in the region. In addition, significant investments in agriculture and chemical industries have had a positive impact on the market. Moreover, China dominated in terms of demand and commercialization of PVC pipes & fittings.

Hirawat Industries is dedicated to working over the years to provide the best in terms of quality and creating the perfect product that adds a lot of value to itself

Staying Abreast with Innovation
Innovation and research have been the key aspects, leading as the parameters for unparalleled services and maintaining high benchmarks for quality. While the industry has been radicle over trends on the technology front, there is a lot to focus on in the area. The technological inspection of the products that keeps it recent with the trends in the overly competitive market is a game-changer to carefully commercialize the investment. Secondly, the production compliance guidelines need to be in place in order to meet all the quality and Government regulatory parameters. Hirawat Industries has been upfront challenging its contemporaries, both in terms of quality and technology.

Hirawat Industries is continual in investments and upgrades, installing the best plants and machinery, supportive of the latest technology that competes with quality. Hirawat Industries counts on the in-house team that helps it to thrive each day. The strength of our organization lies in the efficient hands of our workforce”, says Naveen Hirawat (MD). The dedication and perseverance that the team brings on to the table, has made it achieve the milestones along the journey filled with obstacles and establish itself in a short time frame. The team at Hirawat Industries comprises skilled labor and qualified engineers, quality control supervisors, and technicians. The products offered by the company have surpassed the client’s expectations in terms of excellence.

Spread Wings Across South Asia
Hirawat Industries has currently established business in South India with brand name as aeroplast and further aims to become a leading player domestically. The PVC industry in India is one that is solely fixated on competitive price and quality trends. Channelizing the strategies and workforce towards the common goal to survive the stiff competition was definitely a challenge at the start but gradually, the company was able to build itself, strength by strength. Hirawat Industries is currently looking forward to expanding its business through increased volumes in exports.

Consumer satisfaction in a competitive industry is a tough nut to crack. It’s only through quality and dedicated services, that one can achieve and sustain in the industry. Being known for the Brand nameaeroplast, Hirawat Industries is proud to have established itself as a go-to brand for PVC Pipes. The customers’ repeated orders are proof of their love for the products. Besides, the affordable prices have managed it to establish a dedicated client base, spread all over South India. “Our increasing client base speaks volumes about our commitment in providing complete customer satisfaction”, concludes Naveen Hirawat.