Affnet Media : Think Performance Marketing, Think AFFNET!!!

Jatin Chaudhary, Chief Delivery Officer, Sanjeev Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer,Neeraj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Manoj Gupta, Chief Finance Officer

Jatin Chaudhary

Chief Delivery Officer

The Marketing Scenario nowadays has become more complex and competitive after the digital evolution. The Performance or Affiliate Marketing is slowly taking over the simple Digital Marketing industry. A Gurgaon based startup, AFFNET Media has revolutionizing the way people think and work for the performance marketing with offering a robust platform for wide range of services in the Indian Affiliate Marketing Industry. The company's expertise lies in a variety of marketing models for highest revenue generation and Return-on-Investment for its clients. AFFNET works for publishers with exclusive and pioneering marketing campaigns that provides assured performance to the advertisers or brands with guaranteed quality and compliance.

Sanjeev Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer

Affiliating Services with Success
AFFNET's a wide spectrum of marketing services include Lead Generation, E-commerce Escalators, App Install/Download, Social-Media, Bulk Traffic/Visits, Display/Brand Awareness, Performance Marketing, Incentive Marketing, Monetization, Native Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Audience Network, and much more. The company helps its clients in maximum revenue generation with exception-ally low customer acquisition cost. AFFNET also helps its associates generate guaranteed and verified leads through list
bidding, app download across various platforms, bulk traffic or visits to their websites, etc.

The company's data-driven approach lets its clients meet campaign goals, strategic implementation, and optimization of services. AFFNET's triumph in performance marketing lies in its success mantra - `Pay only after you get results!'. The clients grow with AFFNET's network of affiliates as the company also helps its associates and affiliates to show-case their products and services to even the extremely connected and sensitive customers those are inaccessible via the traditional marketing channels.

Neeraj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer

Excellence in The Business Strategy
AFFNET's work cycle includes optimized planning and researching to obtain the necessary results. A team of highly devoted experts associate with marketing managers to provide top quality services for the advertisers and publishers that help them mutually grow their business with increased revenue. The company also offers cutting edge technology to provide real-time and reliable tracking for the advertisers and publishers along with an expert advisory services. AFFNET believes in leading the Digital Space through First in Innovation, top-class UX, Industrial Expertise, and Customized Service Solutions for its Associates.

Manoj Gupta, Chief Finance Officer

AFFNET is leading the Digital Transformation by becoming a modernizer and an e-com enabler in the Marketing Industry with its high held values and prudence. Since its inception in 2019, the company has grown manifolds with five times year on year revenue generation. AFFNET caters to a variety of clientele from different industry verticals including Entertainment, Travel, Sports, Finance, E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Automobile, IT, NGOs, etc. The company has recently opened a new office in Singapore in April 2021 and plans to open two new offices in the US and GCC Country.