Agamin: Driving Transformation with Next-generation Technology Solutions

Shadakshari Swamy,Founder & CEO

Shadakshari Swamy

Founder & CEO

The global digital trans-formation market is predicted to generate revenue of $1009 billion by 2025, progressing at a CAGR of 16.5% during the fore-cast period. Businesses as well as the government around the globe have been witnessing multiple use cases of connected digital solutions in recent years, with healthcare, automotive, digital assistance, manufacturing, and many more. Organizations have started realizing the efficiencies and growth opportunities of digital transformation solutions.

Digital transformation is the real game-changer for transforming businesses into really faster, safer, and delivers the best customer experience. Digital transformation is a strategy-led change to a business's processes using digital tools and applications aimed at higher revenues, faster processing, error reduction, and a better customer experience.

Agamin is a Bengaluru-based fast-growing startup company founded with the vision to make enterprises analyze, transform, and go digital by offering innovative and disruptive solutions. Agamin was founded in 2019 by Shadakshari Swamy, a passionate product management professional, former member of Tech Mahindra and Amadeus, with broad experience in building and managing large-scale technology products. Agamin has a highly experienced senior management team, having over two decades of experience in the product solution business.
Shadakshari along with his team being more in the digital sustainable transformation for the last 20 years, gained a lot of knowl-edge on how the industry works and the pinpoints faced by the companies. Agamin was formed to bridge the gap of the digital transformation requirement with much more comprehensive solutions which are substantially more connected, aware and intelligent.

Agamin believes organizations need to radically innovate and transform digitally to stay ahead of the competition. It builds solutions and codes passionately to help the customers gain an edge and explore new possibilities. The solutions provided by the firm are de-signed to enable brands to fully leverage Automation, Cognitive and Digital technology to support their business transformation and create impactful customer experiences. The firm works in the digital tech space, predominantly on AI, ML, and IoT to provide new-age digital solutions to make the most aware enterprises. The firm enables the enterprises to adopt digital workforce, be agile & cost-efficient, optimize their process, and gain a competitive edge.

Agamin helps organizations leverage enterprise automation, AI and digital technologies to succeed in the digital age

Since its inception, the company has successfully achieved digital transformation for many customers across India, Middle East, and the USA. Agamin is serving a gamut of customers in different industrial verticals such as healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, to name a few. And by the virtue of its standardized quality work and transformative solutions, the firm has worked with some of the largest and renowned brands. To further give a boost to the organizations, Agamin has recently launched a new plat-form called Qounch, which is an intelligent and connected platform for smart enterprises. The two key factors of Qounch are Intelligent and Connected, wherein intelligence is largely AI-driven and connected is IoT-driven.

The core team of the company is highly agile & diverse, coming from different regions, educational back-grounds, and cultures. The firm lays its emphasis on career building and keeping its employees aligned to the latest trends and technology. The workforce of the firm is scaling up at a fast pace and Agamin is further increasing its workforce from all diverse cultures including specially-abled people. Over the last two years, the company paddled to new heights with the next-generation technologies, and further, as the firm forges ahead it aspires to grow and make a stronger presence in the USA and the Middle East.