Aggrandize Digital Solutions: Enhancing Brands Online Reputation

Veerakeswaran Ganapathi, Founder & CEOWhile having repetitive customers and gaining reference is an important aspect to describe a company’s performance, making the employees cling on the brand is also crucial, as they the reason for the overall development of any company. Though this is a prerequisite fact, not many companies bother to make their manpower feel satisfied. Moreover, we are dwelling in an era where several companies focus only on business growth. Today, the concern for employees is less evident in the commercial world. Amidst this haphazard scenario, there are very few startups that make the employees feel that it is their office. ‘My company is the best place to work’ is the best declaration any enterprise could gain. Among the companies provide the workforce with a great working experience Aggrandize Digital Solutions founded by Veerakeswaran Ganapathi, is a brand that makes employees enjoy the entire working process as it could yield deeper engagement, more thoughtful collaboration, and innovative ideas and also have an overall desire to succeed.

The Idea Behind
We dwell in contemporary society where promotions place a vital role regardless of the potential & caliber. Seizing the audiences' eyes and portraying brand presence has become an absolute necessity. With this, Indian companies are deliberately adapting to brand themselves in the digital world. While analyzing the market, Veerakeswaran noticed that the companies are still trying to adapt to their workflow but it has a huge part to play in the future. They invested time in learning all the strategies that create a strong online
presence for the clients who are looking to gain more exposure for their brands. By building a strong team they started off by freelancing work from Bangalore. Later, formed the brand and registered it as "Aggrandize Digital Solutions"in Coimbatore.

As an eminent place to work, aggrandize digital solutions is bound to dynamic work culture with no set of hard rules & freedom to explore

After thorough analyses on the digital needs of the clients, the company offers brand marketing services that include securing press coverage on top editorial outlets, gaining social media presence and extensively getting huge exposure for the brands that choose to work with it. “ By incorporating our services, clients can expect their brand to attain digital stature and articles about them will crop up on Google news. This makes us stand out from the rest of the competitors,” says Veerakeswaran, Founder.

What makes it Stand Out?
The proficient team of Aggrandize places itself in the client’s shoes. It looks at every problem from the client’s perspective & values their time. “We devise a plan to meet the criteria, finding prompt solutions for the hurdles while processing and delivering the project on time. The major factor that keeps us growing is the "TEAMWORK” he exclaims.

As an eminent place to work, the company is bound to dynamic work culture with no set of hard rules. It provides a very friendly and joyful working environment with complete freedom to explore stuff that helps the projects. “We have to be ready anytime since we work with clients from different parts of the world. This makes our work so exciting and provides so many opportunities to explore new things. We offer a stress free atmosphere and a freestyle working environment to share a close bond with every single employee,” he asserts.

He further adds, “Our company provides term insurance and safety allowances to each individual. We take pride in awarding people who stands out in terms of performance every month.”

In four years of its operation, Aggrandize has worked with clients in a different part of the world. Currently, it deals with around 30-40 clients and aims for more this fiscal year. It is in the process of branding to be the go-to digital marketing and public relations company in India.

Veerakeswaran Ganapathi, Founder & CEO
As a brand marketing expert and PR strategist, Veerakeswaran is leading several brands to grab perfect opportunity to enhance the digital presence and scale the business