Agile Rays LLP: Providing Best Services with Excellent Support and Integrity

Puneet Manon,FounderRecruitment can be defined as the process of search and selection to find qualified candidates within organizations for job openings. The changing recruitment industry trends do not only affect the recruiting organizations but also hiring organizations. Under-standing the industry trends, Agile Rays LLP helps to hire professionals to efficiently allocate resources, remain competitive and continue to successfully fill job openings.

Established in 2018, Agile Rays LLP is a global recruitment and contract staffing company, they help their customers find the right talent which others can't find and provide the best services with excellent support and integrity. The company holds specialization in niche recruitment whether it is a technical role, middle management role, senior management role or leadership hiring and also contract staffing requirements across industries. Extensively covering regions such as India, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and African region catering to customers' need on local or expat hiring.

The Founder of Agile Rays LLP, Puneet Manon brings with him in-depth expertise and career experience of over two decades in various functions such as Recruitment, Staff Augmentation, Human Resources, Operations, Sales and Marketing. He has worked in several multinational tire 1 organizations with the last stint of about a decade based in Singapore working for IT services business, bringing multi-dimensional and multi-national experience from different geographies to the table.
Basket of Recruitment and Staffing Services
Agile Rays LLP provide the right talent to their customers on contractual roles be it software developers in IT industry, project managers in telecom industry or skilled and semi skilled hiring in manufacturing industry to name few for a fixed duration. Agile Rays LLP also offers permanent recruitment service for Manager to C Level hiring, also the company help the international customers who wants to make in road in India for their business expansion by providing them with right recruitment solution to test India market.

Puneet Manon, Founder, Agile Rays LLP says, "We have 2 main services i.e., Global permanent recruitment and contract staffing as our flagship offerings. Our emphasis is to lessen the main areas of pain for our customer's recruiting and staffing sectors. We make an effort in understanding customer requirements and the challenges they are facing while finding suitable candidates, we at Agile Rays LLP, tailor our search according to their needs and provide them with the best candidates as per their business requirements.

"Our recruitment team specializes in headhunting to find the best talent for ideal job requirement which customers are unable to find from the open market." Agile Rays LLP operates through various sectors and offers their customers permanent or contract recruiting services and has customers across IT, Consulting, Pharma, Real Estate, Telecom, Retail, manufacturing and Service-Oriented industries

Agile Rays LLP provide the right talent to their customers on permanent OR contractual roles across industry and across region

Growth Journey
In the last two years since the launch of Agile Rays and Agile Rays LLP, the business has developed at a growth rate of nearly 100 percent, even during the time of COVID lockdown, where few of its customers were still looking for the right talent for their product creation and growth. Agile Rays LLP's customers trusts the company & provided them with the niche requirements for their product creation and growth.

Agile Rays LLP has been working with customers in India, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa region to name few. "Agile Rays LLP is looking to expand in the next 5 years with its physical presence covering broad-er regions in Asia-Pacific and Middle East markets with offices in Singapore and Dubai. We are investing a lot on automation and AI-powered recruitment technologies along with recruitment fundamentals to find the right candidate for our customer while retaining the human interaction, contact, care for applicants and customers", concludes Puneet Manon.