Agro Gennx Industries: Developing HighQuality Organic Agricultural Fertilizers Natively

Hiren Desai,  Partner

Hiren Desai


India is one of the countries that have a large number of its people highly dependent on agriculture. In fact, more than half of India's workforce was involved in agriculture in 2018, and it generated 17­18 percent of the nation's GDP. However, India still is dependent on other countries for basic necessities of crop production, especially fertilizers, as reported by trusted sources like Reuters. To solve this problem, the private sector companies engaged in manufacturing agricultural products are being given importance. One of the pioneers in such a market is Agro GennX industries, which has developed a type of organic fertilizer which was not previously manufactured in the country.

Started in 2017, and head quartered in Mumbai, the company's success lies in the combined hard work of its founders, who each has over 15 years of industry experience in the agricultural field. Founders of Agro GennX also have other expertise with them like business development and accounting, and therefore the company has been growing despite market conditions being unreliable, especially in the beginning.
The company has many clients, including a Government sector company, which is a multi-state cooperative society in India that focuses on manufacturing and distributing fertilizers to farmers.

Being the ones to enter the market early, Agro GennX industries had to invest in R&D a lot in the beginning. However, now they make a variety of products that enhance crop growth and preserve soil quality, without harming the soil in the long run. The use of such products benefits the farmers greatly, and also reduces the country's dependence on imports of such products. These days, the market has picked up traction, and competition to create quality products to aid crop growth has risen, but Agro GennX has a strong foothold in this regard, providing both quality and quantity of organic fertilizers to the Indian market.

Potassium Humate or Humic acid is the main product that is manufactured by Agro GennX, although now the company has many other similar products that help farmers that produce a range of different crops. Potassium Humate also increases the efficiency of other fertilizers, especially those that are nitrogen or phosphorus-based. Extraction of the product is done from the soil itself, by using state-of-the-art technology. As low-quality products can harm the soil instead of aiding it, the company sees to it that the quality of the product is made superior to imports, which mainly come from China when India is concerned.

The USP of the company is that it is the only company that manufactures Potassium Humate inside India in such a High Quantity without compromising on quality. The product, once shipped to the farmers, can be given to the soil directly or sprayed onto the crops using a foliar spray. Products manufactured by the company, if so used, increase the yield of the crops by 20-30 percent of their normal yield. Agro GennX is also involved in educating the farmers about various products and best practices so that they can get the maximum possible yield from their land.

Now that the company has developed a suitable foothold in the industry, it is trying to innovate new products into the market, to the benefit of both farmers and the agribusiness as a whole. Speaking in the context of the future of the Indian market Hiren Desai, Agro GennX Industries, concludes "There is a lot of growth potential available within the agricultural field.So, we are focusing mainly on research and development of new products that we want to bring into the Indian market”.