Agrocorp LandBase: Offering Innovative and Result - Driven Agro-Realty Services

Arush Nagpal & Ayan Nagpal, Co-FoundersTired of the daily routine? Trying to crawl in the roads covered with more vehicles than trees? Yes the same old hustle of the city, the rush to reach destinations with so much to do and time running faster than you? Need a weekend gateway? A gateway among the lush green tress and much deserved time with family and friends? A gateway which is also self-owned? Yes, YOURS? With a vision to bind luxury with necessity and support the aspirational goals of millennials while contributing towards this sector in their capacity; the Nagpal brothers teamed up to establish Agrocorp Landbase Pvt. Ltd. – an agro-realty firm that offers cultivatable farms which are exclusively backed by unique farm management services.

From an Idea to a Premiere Agro-Realty Company
Unlike the tedious traditional pre procedures of farm land investments which include Capital, Infrastructure Setup, Legal Verification, Verifying the Quality of Soil, Setting up Water Sources and many more. Agrocorp Landbase as its hallmark makes sure these procedures are a seamless and a hassle-free experience for you. Our services vary from tailored farm management, advisory and investment services acknowledging the different objectives and outcomes for each client.

Concentrating on organizing the essentials of the industry and providing high-quality services, Agrocorp stitches together its proficiency and offers to Procure large parcels of land, Develop basic infrastructure, Locate water sources and irrigation systems, Plantation and Maintenance, and Sale of the Produce. “We, at Agrocorp facilitate the first few steps of young investors. While everyone is willing to invest in something, we suggest investing in farmlands that will not just give return on investment but will also be a weekend getaway destination. Juggling between what has to be done and what can be done people often lack the interest to engage in agri-investments and this is where, we at Agrocorp come into play. We offer community setup of cultivatable spaces where our patrons can develop their farms in an organized manner to reap gains from their produce. We generally purchase large parcels of land to further develop the ideal and essential infrastructure required for the farming activities like boundary, accessibility, underground water pipelines or bore well to setting up the electricity lines. Besides land procurements and setting up of basic infrastructure at optimal cost, the organization provides an ultimate value added service for the enthusiasts who are ready for long term investments. The service includes setting up industrial timber plantations namely ‘Melia Dubia’ which is your baby in our creche till
maturity. The organization has
experienced professional plantation teams are especially called in from Gujarat to carry out the plantation activities with proper spacing and methodology. An extensive in training which includes technical specifications and the know-how of the growing and maintain these trees is provided to every in house employee at Agrocorp,” shares Ayan Nagpal, Founding Member, Agrocorp.

Concentrating On Essentials Of the Industry and Developing Communities Of Farm Spaces for the Next Generation to Involve Themselves in Hassle Free Agriculture Activities. Committed to Timely Delivery, Agrocorp Stitches Together Its Proficiency And Offers Affordable Ready to Farm Plots With All Infrastructure and Maintenance Services

To support sustainable and affordable farm house spaces, the organization also provides the best in class ‘Movable fully furnished house spaces’ which are hard – wearing yet easily portable; a concept that allows a customer to have a second home in his leisure budget without getting in the day to day complications of construction and hassles of building a home. It is easy to maintain, portable and a revolutionary concept in this investment zone.

Having purchased and sold more than 30 million square feet of Agricultural land till date, before each purchase Agrocorp examines accessibility of land from road, the quality of land, its proximity to major developing zones of the area and its connectivity to major landmarks. With its skilled team of supervisors, workers and machinery, the firm ensures that all lands are delivered as flat lands and are clear of all the wild trees, bushes, stones and other debris. Agrocorp also sensitizes to customer needs and promises best farming practices like maintaining the level of land is more or less flat throughout and positioning the potential points of water sources near the land. Today, while people end up wasting a lot of resources in bore wells due to in experience, Agrocorp holds a record of 80 percent accuracy in its bore well placements, which not only ensures enough water for irrigation but also saves major proportion of setup cost.

'Customers First' Approach
As a premiere agro-realty firm with ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 certificates, Agrocorp leads the revolution with commitment of on time possession and quality work. A customer-driven organization, once Agrocorp gets a booking, the firm allots the land to the customer and accepts major proportion of the payment only after completion of work onsite. This not only increases the investor’s confidence in the company but also shows the determination of Agrocorp towards ensuring timely and fast delivery of the promised products. Recognized for walking the talk with its
customers, Agrocorp’s development team continuously strives to deliver the projects as promised, while the sales and marketing team always assures best client experience pre and post sales. Post possession, the company also offers shared services like 24 hours’ security, road maintenance and cleaning of land once in a year against a monthly maintenance amount.

Having accomplished various projects like Avenue 11, The Aranya, Amatra Farms, Aspya Farms Agrocorp trusts its Innovative Products, Clear Vision and Intent, and the efforts of its skilled team to be the major driving elements that have contributed towards the successful journey of the firm. “With people refraining from developing and maintaining agri-farms on their own, there is sudden spike in the demand for organized agricultural spaces. In such scenario, the uniqueness of our offering is our biggest success factor. While Agro-realty contributes highly in the investment space, the most negative part of the sector is untimely delivery, or default on commitments. Customers are often mistreated after the purchase and payment. At Agrocorp, our vision is to design a product which carries value, is delivery-committed and at the same time keeps the customers on priority. We believe that a bad customer experience does not just cost the organization that particular customer but it is much more in terms of reputation, scalability and recurring business,” utters Siddharth, Director Sales, Agrocorp.

Within a turnaround time of six months from booking, the expert team of Agrocorp leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction that would eventually lead to scalability. The company holds its proficient team as the second largest contributor which is driving the firm towards success. All members of Agrocorp’s development and marketing team understand the organization’s vision and commitments and put their best foot ahead to deliver the finest services to the customers.

Growing by leaps and bounds, for the coming years, Agrocorp is vesting its energies towards connecting as many people to its product as possible, thus letting them take up farming with ease. “We have successfully developed and delivered more than 200 acres and have a target to reach and put under cultivation 2500 acres by 2020. We are also coming up with a fixed price subscription based B2C model for direct sale of produce so that our farmer’s can reap the best returns throughout the year from the produce. If successful, in years to come, we plan to promote the model at district levels too,” signs off Arush.

‘The best investment on earth is earth itself’, witness the best agri land buying experience with Agrocorp Landbase Pvt. Ltd.

Customers’ Say
Dr. Preetham Raj
Agrocorp made it easy to buy an agricultural land with peace of mind. It's a ready piece of cake.

Jayanth Ramachandran
Excellent experience of buying agricultural land which is fully developed. It is a gated community farm lands, which gives great peace of mind.