AHA: Elevating the Unmatched Essence of Telugu & Tamil Entertainment

Ravikant Sabnavis,   CEONavigating the landscape of media and entertainment startups is a formidable journey marked by multifaceted challenges. From the inception phase of conceptualization to technological development, talent acquisition, and content creation, each stage demands strategic agility and innovation. Amid these challenges, startups strive for sustainable business efficiency. Aha, a noteworthy player in the OTT industry, has adeptly met these challenges. Through dynamic content strategies, adaptive technology, and a customer-centric approach, Aha has not only weathered industry shifts but also emerged as a frontrunner in delivering compelling and resonant entertainment experiences to its diverse audience.

In just three years since its inception, Aha has emerged as the leading Telugu OTT app, claiming the top spot in the Telugu market and steadily making strides in the Tamil industry. With a strategic approach and a commitment to delivering content that sparks imagination, Aha is poised for continued growth and influence in the dynamic landscape of regional OTT platforms. “As we embarked on this journey, we keenly observed the evolving patterns of viewership, which was a shift away from conventional kitchen dramas on television.

It became evident that people were yearning for narratives that transcended the ordinary. With a massive Telugu-speaking audience comprising 30 million households, we saw the chance to weave tales from the very fabric of the land. We aspire to be a part of
every Telugu household, crafting stories that resonate and captivate their hearts", asserts Ravikant Sabnavis, CEO of Aha.

Versatile Streaming & Offers

AHA's subscription model caters to a diverse audience, offering a spectrum of plans that meet varying preferences and budgets. Positioned at the pinnacle is the Gold subscription, an immersive package encom-passing both Tamil and Telugu content, boasting 4K Dolby quality, ad-free viewing, and an exclusive experiential dimension. Gold subscribers enjoy a 24-hour early access privilege to new content releases and, uniquely, select members are invited to witness live show shoots, adding an unparalleled experiential layer to their engagement with the platform. On the flip side, AHA caters to first time users, parti-cularly students or those mindful of budget constraints, with an affordable Rs.99 quarterly mobile plan. This strategic semantic differential, spanning from top-tier experiential subscriptions to budget friendly entry plans, ensures AHA's accessibility and appeal across a broad spectrum of viewers.

At Aha, customer feedback is integral, as it guides in storytelling, while placing audience at the center of its endeavors

“Putting the viewer at the heart of our journey, we invest substantial time and effort in truly understanding them. The essence of our stories is shaped by insights derived directly from our viewers, ensuring a deep resonance with their lives.

Acknowledging diverse preferences within a family, we offer a solution – whether it's a gripping crime thriller, a light-hearted comedy, engaging games for youngsters, or short-form content for quick enter-tainment bursts", adds Ravikant.

Tech-Infused Entertainment Excellence

In seamlessly blending technology with a human touch, Aha has positioned itself as a pioneer in delivering an exceptional user experience. With a consistent 4.5 rating on the Playstore, the platform's app provides users with cuttingedge technological features. Aha's dedication to customer engagement is evident in its proactive approach, where a dedicated team consistently reaches out to viewers, addressing concerns, gathering feedback, and fostering a genuine connection.

“Collaborating with industry leaders such as Google, and AWS, we ensure that it not only meets but exceeds standards in our technological infrastructure. Guided by invaluable customer feedback, we center their preferences in our content creation, aiming to be an essential part of every Telugu and Tamil household and the preferred entertainment platform for all", concludes Ravikant.