AI Nexus Healthcare: The First Check Engine Light For The Body Powered By AI

Peter Pushparaj & Faramarz Farhoodi, Founder Directors & CEOs

Peter Pushparaj & Faramarz Farhoodi

Founder Directors & CEOs

“Artificial intelligence is the single most important opportunity to address all the major things wrong with healthcare today” – Eric Topol. AI in healthcare provides substantial efficiencies which encourage healthier behavior in individuals. For instance, according to the American Cancer Society, AI has enabled the review and translation of mammograms 30 times faster with 99 percent accuracy, reducing the need for unnecessary biopsies. In India, there is a huge need gap in the healthcare section. There are just 0.7 doctors, 1.3 nurses, and 1.1 hospital beds per thousand population. With this lack of resources, limited healthcare access, and high disease burden the need for innovation in the space of healthcare has become a dire one. As most chronic diseases are preventable with regular monitoring, AI technology in the space of screening, diagnosis, and treatment is the solution to improving the healthcare system.

AI Nexus Healthcare India is a pioneer in creating technology with the goal of making healthcare accessible to all. The company aims at democratizing healthcare making it more accessible to individuals regardless of economic status, geographic location, gender, or race. It is an affiliated company of Al Nexus USA; an Artificial Intelligence company that builds Cognitive Al applications and solutions. “Over 6 million people died due to NCDs in India in 2019. With a robust health system to detect and control risk factors early and effectively, we can avert 39 million deaths by 2030, and countless other lives would be longer, healthier, and happier,” says Peter Pushparaj, CEO and Founder Director, AI Nexus Healthcare India.

"Backed by Artificial Intelligence & the expertise of a team of world class medical doctors, Mia helps predict & support the prevention of adverse health events"

With an accomplished career of over three decades in top-management and driving strategic goals, Peter Pushparaj’s expertise is in the field of building and developing organizations and handling large national and international operations. He has exposure to varied business categories in the national and international markets. With his rich experience in the healthcare industry, Peter drives the AI Nexus Healthcare business and brand in India and the subcontinent.

Through its AI-backed platform, AI Nexus Healthcare enables its users to educate, monitor and manage their health. It provides professional healthcare and wellness apps using cutting-edge AI technology combined with the expertise of top medical professionals. The company has developed a proprietary AI platform that combines Cognitive AI (for Cognition/Reasoning) with Machine Learning. Cognitive AI is different from but augments Machine Learning. Cognitive AI can encapsulate human expertise and reasoning, for example, medical expertise. Faramarz Farhoodi, CEO & Founder Director of AI Nexus Healthcare has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of cognitive AI and Machine Learning in multiple domains. With an international team of AI and medical experts, AI Nexus Healthcare is an amalgamation of technology and healthcare.

“Our signature software, Mia is like a check engine light for humans. It is comprised of an integrated suite of AI technologies designed to empower individuals to take control of their health and to help speed up the diagnosis process for healthcare professionals.
We aim at providing every individual the power to manage their health, prevent chronic conditions to reduce hospital visits, reduce disease burden and reduce healthcare expenses.” says Peter.

Mia Vitals Combining Recognition with Cognition
By augmenting Machine Learning (the data, facts, and figures from monitoring devices) with the knowledge and thinking processes of a team of internationally recognized medical doctors in different specialties, the company’s flagship software, Mia, is able to analyze and understand the health status and risk factors for each individual based on sex, age, medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle to predict the likelihood of adverse health events even before symptoms are present and provide real-time recommendations to help prevent them.

Mia learns what is 'normal' for the user and is on the lookout for anything abnormal - 24/7. Mia is about prevention and early warning: like a “check engine light” for the body. Mia provides alerts when abnormal conditions arise and helps prevent illness. Mia Vitals is a health application based on AI Nexus’s Mia software which can monitor Heart rate, Heart rate variability, Respiration rate, and Blood oxygen saturation

Since the inception of the company, AI Nexus Healthcare has been bridging the growing need for healthcare access for all with its proprietary cognitive AI technology

with just one's finger or face in a single scan by using just a smartphone. Heart rate and heart rate variability are important parameters to monitor heart health. It also depicts the physical and mental stress impacting one's heart health. Respiration rate is a vital indicator of any pathological and respiratory condition. Blood oxygen saturation depicts the efficacy of one's circulatory system. Mia Vitals is more than a vital monitoring application, it is a robust health and wellness application. “Along with monitoring your vitals, it provides you personalized permissible ranges based on age and sex, for every vital monitored and also provides you real-time suggestions in case the vitals are not in the optimal range. Mia Vitals allows you to save and share your health metrics with anyone in a simple and easy manner. With this feature it’s easier to keep tabs on your health over a period of time and share the same with your doctor,” adds Peter.

With Mia Vitals one can take anyone's reading and provide them personalized health suggestions by using the guest mode. The guest mode simply uses the guest's age and sex to provide customized health management. The 4-7-8 visual Breathing exercise provided by Mia Vitals can lower blood pressure, and heart rate and improve respiration. Its attractive visual interface engages the consumer to use the feature and exercise regularly. Further, research has proven that health monitoring devices (like oximeters) and smart gadgets (like smartwatches) are biased toward skin tone and are less accurate for darker skin tones. To be certain that Mia Vitals has no such bias it has been extensively tested in government and private primary health centers and clinics in India ensuring the application is customized for the Indian population.

Mia Vitals is not just another wellness app. It is the only app that integrates and interprets multiple data points from different devices (vitals, lifestyle, preexisting medical conditions) and provides tailored actionable recommendations for each user, helping prevent illness all while protecting their privacy.

Constantly Evolving to cater to consumer need
Since the inception of the company, AI Nexus Healthcare has been bridging the growing need for healthcare access for all with its proprietary cognitive AI technology. To ensure Mia Vitals remains up to date, the team at AI Nexus Healthcare has further included family mode and symptom checker features. With family mode, it's easier to monitor, track and take care of ones entire family's health, up to 6 members can be included on a single subscription, and keeps one updated about the health status of his/her loved ones and signals if any family member needs health attention. The Symptom Checker, on the other hand, is like a "Doctor in your Pocket". It is an AI-driven software platform that allows users to build customized diagnostic solutions from scratch. The feature covers over 4100 disease diagnoses including both physical and mental health.

Mia Vitals has been customized to meet the needs of individuals across any industry by turning their smartphones into health devices. “With our sophisticated, advanced, intelligent, cutting-edge technology we empower you to put ‘Good Health’some thing so complex, into the palm of your hand,” adds Peter.

AI Nexus’s offerings have been tested for accuracy in multiple markets ensuring no biases with skin pigmentation and making its mark in the US, UK, and India. With rapidly changing demographics and strained healthcare budgets around the globe, the need to empower individuals to take back control of their health is greater than ever. AI Nexus Healthcare well understands this and aims to change the mindset that surrounds healthcare, especially in India with its technology applications.

Currently, the company is present in North, East, West, and South India covering 6 states. “Our focus is to reach all the 28 states and 8 UTs in the coming years and to become the change in the healthcare industry promoting preventive healthcare and closing the need gap”, concludes Peter.