Aims Global Consultants: Helping in hiring the best talents

Amit Kumar Gupta,  Business Head

Amit Kumar Gupta, Business Head

The proliferating competition and the existing flexibility in the manpower & recruitment industry/ market have augmented momentousness and need of manpower planning in every organization. This entailment has led to the emergence of recruiting firms that discovers and hires finest as well as qualified candidates for corporations. Realizing the significance and demand of manpower in the industry, Aims Global Consultants emanated as a recruitment firm to feather-bed the hiring process of the companies and assists the prospective employees acquire suitable jobs in salubrious set-ups. The company’s end in view is to put forward compendious HR and Staffing solutions to various businesses in different sectors and proffer a helping hand to the aspiring applicants to find best suited placements and jobs. “There is a huge demand for manpower in every organization and that is what makes recruitment industry its integral part. So we have founded Aims Global Consultants with the objective to bridge the gap
between the employers and job seekers,” says Amit Gupta, Business Head at Aims Global Consultants

"In the upcoming years, Aims Global Consultants is planning to associate itself with PAN India and expand its network in the Eastern regions and other states of the country"

The Accomplishments
Aims Global Consultants has made many crowning achievements since its inception. One of the most pronounced procurement was being accorded as the third best consultancy firm in Kolkata by Times Jobs ( (The Times of India Group). Over the years, it has grown substantially in terms of clients, workforce and services. A team of two has burst forth to a large number and the aggregate of clients have also boosted up. At present, the company has got a good hold on the databases of some wholesome candidates as well. “With each passing day, our company has grown bit by bit. We have expanded our business across a wide number of industries like Automobiles, Engineering, FMCGs & FMCD, Information Technology and BPO among many others. We proudly hold the eighth position in the recruitment market in Kolkata,” voices Amit.

Addressing Challenges
Although journeying to this stage of success was not a trouble-free task for the company. It had to face a number of challenges in gathering milk and honey for itself.
Lack of valuable databases and financial crisis were some of the major obstacles it encountered in its initial days. In spite of all this, Aims Global Consultants slowly and steadily made its way to success. With proper planning, constant effort and hard work it tackled all the roadblocks on its way. “Aims Global Consultants team had to face a number of challenges at the beginning but our hard working team and our positive attitude has helped us address all the hurdles and reach a stable position,” expresses Amit.

Roadmap Ahead
Aims Global Consultants has set some lucrative plans ahead of it. In the upcoming years, the company is planning to associate itself with PAN India and expand its network in the Eastern regions and other states of the country. “We are planning to extend our business to cities like Ranchi, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati and other Eastern states of India. Our aim is to link ourselves with PAN India and spread our networks all over the country,” voices Amit.

With an employ-friendly work culture, an efficient team and a lot of forbearance, Aims Global Consultants has been delivering result oriented solutions to its clients and candidates. “Our company works towards bringing right talent to the clients. We edify the applicants about the company norms and functionalisms and enable them to confront interviews,” he concludes.