Aira: Enabling Customized Digital Agents To Automate Your Business

Shashwat Dubey,  Managing Director

Shashwat Dubey

Managing Director

The growing demand for automation of business processes is one of the significant factors influencing the increasing adoption of Hyper automation. The industry's growth is likely to be aided by the rising demand to simplify the difficult handling procedure. RPA and AI are being used by businesses in a variety of industries to boost production and efficiency. In today's highly competitive industry, increasing work agility and providing better customer experiences has become critical. With rapidly changing needs and demands for innovation in a growing organization, CIOs need technology that is simple to use, scalable for the future, and most importantly secure.

With the AIRA Platform, IT leaders have access to a wider range of integration, intelligent solutions, and services that can help to grow intelligent automation throughout the organization with complete governance and control. This is where AIRA has been enabling Hyper Automation, which entails not only using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to complete time consuming and labour-intensive

tasks, but also perfectly integrating the right technologies and human intelligence to automate workflows and enable better and faster decision making. With low code automation, proven scalability, 10X faster, smarter processes, and 100 percent cloud-native solution, AIRA provides powerful and scalable integration with digital technologies
and legacy systems to free team of workers from labour intensive/low output chores.

AIRA has got digital agent powered by AI and ML that is specifically built to design and automate your daily tasks through robotic automation. It provides customized services in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking and finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and textile. AIRA boost data integrity, enable accurate and dependable synchronization in their systems.

We are the most Intelligent & advanced Product in the RPA Space that powers AI/ML with cognitive Digital agents and Powerful built-in Analytics. AIRA is the Ongoing actualization Of advancements in The field of hyper automation

“We provide a variety of industry-specific solutions that link your existing infrastructure with digital technologies and legacy systems to relieve personnel of time-consuming duties. At AIRA, we work hard to achieve our mission of facilitating change through intelligent automation in order to create value for people, partners, and communities”, says Shashwat Dubey, Managing Director at AIRA. Over the years, AIRA has gained perfection in processing all type of documents, its expertise lies in Intelligent document processing (IDP) which help our customers to handle complete business process execution from order to dispatch. As a result, the customer’s total operating costs are reduced by 40 percent.

Furthermore, to dream big and make a huge difference, you need a passionate, devoted, and experienced staff. AIRA's success
is backed by a team of seasoned engineering professionals divided into four divisions: product development, data Science team, dev-ops, and professional services, all of which collaborate to grow collectively. With its advanced spectrum of AI and ML capabilities, AIRA enhances organizations' digital transformation journeys by developing operational efficiency and inventing new possibilities that address the automation needs of existing operations.

AIRA is dedicated to creating a technologically driven future. It intends to leverage the power of automation to advance the planet. "As a premier next-generation technology company, our goal is to provide a new viewpoint on how business processes might progress". In the future, we will continue to focus on leveraging AI/ML to drive essential innovation and construct super-intelligent solutions that add value to our specialized clients”, concludes Shashwat, Managing Director at AIRA.