Airbucks: Building UX-Friendly Digital Products To Tell A Singular Story

Manmeet Rayat,  Head of product design

Manmeet Rayat

Head of product design

User Experience design can make or break organizations’ or an app’s user base. UX when done right can create strong engagement between users and the digital product. However, most of the product development agencies overlook the importance of a good UX design. Another important aspect in today’s business world is branding. It is more important now than ever before. With social media, consumers get introduced to various new brands every day. It is a way that businesses distinguish themselves from competitors and make themselves easily identifiable by their targeted audience. Nevertheless, many businesses lack resources and skills to integrate brand strategy into their business building strategy.

Air bucks addresses exactly these two issues and beyondthat organizations face by tapping on its years of experience and knowledge in the product design and development space. “We are on a mission to liberate the world from bad Product Design and Branding.We are a team of talented eccentric, and oddly creative mindswho acts as an extended support to help customers achieve their goals,”states Manmeet Singh Rayat founder and Head of Product design at Airbucks.

Airbucks offers the best talent to identify opportunities and design the way forward. The company is specialized in designing
digital products, user interfaces, mobile and web applications with a beacon of clarity, excitement, quality and global appeal. The company believes in story telling using the language of design to create meaningful, delightful and beautiful brand experiences across various touch points and a specific message to target audience. The story could be about customers’ function, form, materiality or value. As Airbucks has a strong understanding of markets, costs, user psychology, and development, it is able to take design and innovation of products to next level.

We are on a mission to liberate the world from bad Product Design and Branding. We are a team of talented, eccentric, and oddly creative minds who acts as an extended support to help customers achieve their goals

In order to offer the best UX and digital experiences to customers, the company is committed to build future focused digital products, services or platforms. From websites, e-commerce stores/marketplaces, apps to interfaces, the team at Airbucks work to dramatically improve user experiences at their very core. Airbucks follows an in-depth process of research, strategy, and visual design to craft a never seen before user journeys for brands. This sort of experience enables them to interact articulately and succinctly, involve customers thoroughly, and ultimately win over a much larger audience.

There are a few customers that approach Airbucks for packaging design as well. The team at Airbucks understands the importance of packaging and its multiple functions in the online/offline world. By analysing the psychology behind decision making of consumers, the company strives to tell the most powerful version of brand’s story, simply and delightfully.

With such capabilities, Airbucks has helped over fifty customers in reinventing their brand at every touch point, right from Logo to brand building strategy and product design. The company has come a long way since its inception by growing leaps and bounds. For the future, Airbucks is planning to expand its offerings to different industries. They want to focus more on Web 3.0 and Augmented Reality side of the business. As a part of the expansion plan, the company is planning to extend its footprint to the middle eastern region. The company is looking at other countries where they could add value and serve as a bridge so that people in those nations can benefit from one another's prospects. Additionally, they will improve their global customer and partner relationships.