Aivot AI Solutions: Bridging Technology Gaps For Enhancing Business

Neeraj Singh,Co-Founder & CTO

Neeraj Singh

Co-Founder & CTO

As per a recent market analysis, AI and IoT market is expected to reach over, US$ 25 Billion (IoT 16 Billion and AI 9.8 Billion) by 2025 with special focus being vested on Defence applications, FinTech, Banking and Social. While AI models are maturing, there is also a great challenge that companies face when it comes to deploying and integrating these models in a business case. Headquartered in Mumbai, AIVOT is a name that is committed about handing massive data for AI through its own tools developed in-house with open source technologies.

“We are focused on offering tailored AI solutions to meet business requirements, AI Training and our in-house product development for different business needs. We have already developed an AI powered body measurement tool which measures human body vitals with just 2D images, and this also got patent applications accepted for this product.

Another product we have developed is to measure foot size for made to measure shoes or determining shoe size with single 2D image using computer vision with 99% accuracy. We are now having two new products into the pipeline in Human Resource field and education field.

Our HR process will automate everything in recruitment including the interview as well as coding interview, it’s very safe and full proof system. Our educational product delivers education where AI is being used as teaching assistant for revision and doubt clarification with use of conversational AI for higher secondary schools and university students”, briefs Alok Tiwari, Co-Founder & CEO, AIVOT AI.

AIVOT AI is continuously striving to be enablers of AI and Data Science Technology Development, education, business automation & intelligence and product commercialization. Using advanced AI and Data Science to deliver full stack solutions, Focusing on predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision to help businesses innovate with AI, automate processes & expand frontiers, Simplify blockchain solution for business needs, these are some of the areas that AIVOT is vesting focus on.

“We are a passionate set of technologists, learners, and doers, who share a common vision of enabling this era of transformation. We are well equipped to help the most innovative companies in the world with their most ambitious AI projects. As a team, we emphasize on opening source and product development. Our cutting-edge products are home grown and customized as per geography. We don’t rely on cloud service providers and have our own AI deployment model at scale which is very rare given the complex nature of it”, shares Neeraj Singh, Co-Founder & CTO, AIVOT AI.

With a cumulative revenue of AIVOT AI, AIVOT OU and AIVOT LLC, the group has crossed half million USD in last fiscal year as well as it has over 1.1 million USD worth of project in pipeline. With the current valuation of their in-house products and IP, the firm stands over US$ 20 million. AIVOT has been very fortunate to get such overwhelming response from global market even during pandemic which has been hard time for most of us.

Sharing the future roadmap of the firm, Alok says, “We are committed to opening our technology in education sector as opensource in near future. We as a team are committed to open source, our most complex technology for AI deployment from cloud to bare metal, so that there will not be a vendor lock-in as well as all security in hands of a Company and extremely cost effective too. We have expertise of AI model deployment with scale and integrate with business case with distributed technologies and we are committed to bringing the business from cloud to bare metal, and wish to fulfill this technological gap smoothly.”