Aliyance Mechatronics: Taking the Robotics Industry by Storm!

   Mitchell London ,  Managing Director

Mitchell London

Managing Director

There has been a significant increase in the use of robots in the industry over the last decade. Industries such as agriculture, defense & security, healthcare, aerospace, food & beverage, education, home, and electronics are utilizing robot technology to improve production efficiency and accuracy. Countries that were not on anyone's radar until a few years ago, are now emerging as major players in the robotics industry. Not only that, more students are now taking up Machine Learning and Robotics as their field of study in universities.

One such player in this growing industry is Aliyance Mechatronics which is a specialized technology company focussed on robotics consulting, agritech and state-of-art warehouse systems, as well as machine proto typing. With a team of 20 at present, Aliyance occupies an outsized 15,000 sqft R&D factory in Pune, India.

According to its founder Mitchell London, “I'm simply fortunate to have a strong personal reputation in robotics and computer science. This, coupled with the extent of my personal network organically produces a substantial flow of offered opportunities”. Mitchell London furthermore mentioned that he foresees quite a bit of growth ahead, coming from all quarters. "We are considering outbound marketing efforts and the organizational scaling that it would entail. As we pursue this path, I believe that we will readily and profitably grow to 200 headcount over the next 4 years".
A significant driver of Aliyance growth is the fact that that they are also the semi exclusive distributor of vertical storage actuated machinery from VIDIR which is based in Manitoba, Canada. Most of Aliyance's prospects are well established companies in the Middle East, India, SE Asia, Japan or China, and operating with at least 100 million USD turnover. "These companies require our help with upgradation in their factories and warehousing systems” states Madhav Rale, Aliyance's Global Director of Sales.

Barnstorm Agtech for example, which is a major North American client of Aliyance Mechatronics, has very quickly raised nearly CAD 2 million in the past few months, based, to a large extent, on the quality of services offered by the firm. Mitchell London further states, "We are helping Barnstorm to develop autonomous driver less robotic farm tractors and autonomous agricultural drone integrations. This is exciting and enormously challenging work.We love it".To this, Rale added, "Barnstorm's stakeholders and prospective investors are astonished by the cost efficiency and the pace at which progress is achieved from our Pune base”.

Taking-up Challenges Whilst Helping Youth to Grow
Aliyance employs the use of the newest advanced technology when it comes to system control, ROS, manipulator effector and machine vision.Seeing tremendous interest in Machine Learning and Robotics from Gen-Z university students, Aliyance tries to provide a pleasant and nurturing work environment for a great many interns as well as full timers."Our intention is that their passions can be realized into very real commercial projects", says London.

Aliyance generally prefers hiring recent graduates who have familiarity with the latest technology trends and moreover, a youthful can-do spirit when it comes to taking up challenges. During recruitment, London says "Little to no attention is given on marks instead Aliyance HR places its attention primarily on demonstrated self-actualization. Within Aliyance, a fun and exciting but intensive work environment is fostered, a place in which long time friendships are forged".

Path Ahead
Being founded and led by an American roboticist, it has helped a lot for the positioning and marketing of Aliyance. It appears that the essence of Aliyance is to take up challenging projects while helping young engineers to hone their skills and become senior and experienced professionals.

Shedding light on future plans for the Aliyance Mechatronics, Mitchell London shares, "We plan to expand our range of represented products, which will implicitly lead to an expansion of bespoke opportunities globally. I'm also quite interested in takingup automated construction, sea exploration, and space robotics projects".