Allevetix: Innovating Medical Care

ZivKalfon,   CEOTech-savvy nation Israel has come to the fore as the kingpin of the healthcare sector. The union of healthcare and technology has led to the genesis of innovative, highly effective and personalised medical inventions that has taken the edge off the pain and affliction from patients. Being cognizant of the propitiousness of this ecosystem many go ahead entrepreneurs ventured and hatched futuristic tools. Here is the story of one such innovative firm, Allevetix medical which made trailblazing contribution in upgrading the provision of medical care of the entire Middle East region.

Rich in sophisticated technology, this startup nation empowers every industry to devise topnotch machineries and equipment. Being cognizant of this exceptional advantage, a group of professionals decided to embed the newfangled technologies into the medical industry. Allevetix medical a leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices used for treating type II diabetes in obese patients. The company is known for creating easy and gentle solution for patients that pharma medication is no longer effective for treating their diabetic condition, and are looking for alternative treatments, other than the invasive gastric surgery such as the bypass surgery, or for people who cannot undergo surgeries due to their feeble physical state. Into the bargain, by availing the potency of the Nobix System a unique temporary gastric sleeve placed in the duodenal section of the small intestine and anchored in the stomach that change the circulating levels of gut hormones and to stabilize the hormonal balance. “Our intention is to make inexpensive, less painful and patient friendly devices that will help avoiding conducting surgeries and enabling patients to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle,” says ZivKalfon, CEO, Allevetix.
The Journey:
The company germinated from a public medical device firm Allium Medical Solutions over an opportunity following cooperation with the National University of Singapore. The overture was to design a unique sleeve to isolate the duodenal section of the small in tension.

The conventional methods of treating gastrointestinal ailments require very high quality and latest types of manufacturing technologies. And to design a procedure that would work internally without conducting surgery was definitely a challenging task for the entire team of the company. It does not only require a great deal of endurance and innovative ideas but also comprehends the use of highly advanced gubbins and technology. However, the great minds working behind the action of the company framed constructive strategies to sort out any hitches meandering on its way. “Even though we had years of experience and knowledge about the industry, we had to deal with the present day glitches, but tackled them in our unique way,” he voices.

Team Allevetix

With a combined experience of 50+ years, the team of Allevetix medical helped it to grow in leaps and bounds. Today, carries out clinical trials for the temporary implant for patients over the age of 18 suffering from obesity and type II diabetes, one of the sites is Asian bariatric hospital at Ahmadabad India lead by Dr.M. NARWARIA. He says, “We make sure to keep track of whether the treatment is properly working on them in case any change in medication is required.”

Allevetix is known for creating easy and gentle treatment for patients who suffer from type II diabetes and obesity that pharma medication is no longer effective for them or cannot undergo surgeries due to their feeble physical conditions

At present, conducting clinical trial related research studies and aims to launch such products by 2021. In fact it is heading towards the stage where validation and furtherance of this new approach could be brought about.