Ally Bio: Delivering Unique Solutions in Molecular Diagnostics, Life Sciences Research & Applied Segment

Jaykumar Balmiki,DirectorIndian life sciences is on the cusp of significant change. Several locked-in trends demographic, regulatory, technological and financial, are shifting the trajectory of the industry. Amidst this change, life sciences companies are witnessing a shift in the relative growth and profitability of different product and market segments. While defining and measuring health outcomes is likely to be the next wave of change and ultimately, opportunity, the life sciences companies are well-positioned to leverage this opportunity, navigate the challenges and geared up to meet these changes. Seizing this opportunity is Mumbai-based Ally Bio Pvt. Ltd., a company that provides cut-ting edge scientific, robust, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for Life science research, molecular diagnostics and Bio-Banking applications.

The product line of Ally Bio starts from the point of collection till the safe and methodical storage of precious biological material. This includes collections and isolation products, products for handling the samples/biological material, cell growth products, controlled rate freezing, minus 86 to liquid nitrogen storage solutions. It caters to biopharma, pharma, diagnostics labs, stemcell /cord blood banks, cell therapy labs, academic research and universities. The international clients are supported from India office.
The Idea behind Ally Bio
The resolve to take the entrepreneurial plunge was always there in the thoughts of Jaykumar Balmiki. It was all about getting the right opportunity at the right time to kick start the operations. After an extensive corporate stint in the Life Science industry, working with technology companies at different capacities, finally in 2018 opportunity knocked the doors and the first ever Bio-banking project by Ally Bio clicked. "It's from our personal experience that we realized the gap between what the customers expects and the way sales process is driven. The cell biology segment is growing fast and so is the need for a suitable product line. What was needed was a different customer approach to start a business. Since Feb 2018, there was no looking back," says Jaykumar. Currently, Ally Bio is the exclusive partner for a top diagnostics company involved in a national project, where it will be storing 40M samples in six years' time for them.

The product line of Ally Bio starts from the point of collection till the safe and methodical storage of precious biological material

The team at Ally Bio follows simple yet prevailing methods like learning about the customer, understanding the scientist, their individual work, the impact of that work on the organisations goal, their pain points and its importance in the work flow. Accordingly, they prepare a sales pitch and puts forward the most suitable solution that meets customers' present and future needs. "For the last two years of operations we have kept a strong focus on this. This helps us go deep and wide into a customer account. Spending more time with the end users and asking relevant questions is what we do well," he informs.

Standing Out in the Crowd
Backed by a high-performing team of young and hard-working employees, Ally Bio carves a niche in the industry as strategic partners. "Our business collaborators are all leading technology companies with a sound support system and business ethics. We bring in all our experience in play, we know what we should do and what one should never do," he mentions.

Since inception, the company has doubled its business every year. It further plans to close FY 20-21 at a business revenue of INR 50M or more. Jaykumar avers, "As a team we are convinced that the need and demand for an affordable robotic system exists in each and every lab. Our next big move is to get in to automation solutions, which will be customised and designed as per customers requirement, easy to operate and maintain moreover at a very attractive and affordable price point."