AlmaShines: Transforming Education Eco-System with Alumni

Palash Agarwal, Founder & Diretor - Product, Kapil Dev Advani, Founder & Director - Business, Manohar Sharma, Founder & Director - TechnologyThe idea that gave rise to AlmaShines was sparked in 2014 out of a simple observation made by the founders while working for alumni cell of IIT Kanpur. There was a team of 100+ students making routine calls to reach out to the alumni base of 40,000 & mobilize the resources. Working in this ecosystem gave the founders an insight of the tremendous value that the alumni can deliver for the institution and its students. They spent the whole summer of 2012 in figuring out multiple ways to make the alumni relations scalable and more engaging. To their surprise, the need of scalable solutions was in the list of other top institutions in India too. “What made us see the opportunity in this space was that the top management of these institutions was keen on building a robust alumni network but did not have the right resources available. Witnessing the Alumni Relations lying among the top aspirations of the 200+ institutions that we interacted with, we realized that this ecosystem needs a robust solution that is not just scalable,
but cost-effective and easy to use as well,” speaks Kapil Dev Advani, Founder& Director-Business.

" YOY, AlmaShines has been doubling the number of its partner institutions, which now stands at 250+ and growing its presence across more than 35 Cities in India"

In 2014, they kick started the operations of AlmaShines from Noida. It didn’t take them much long to realize that there is a lot to explore & learn in their pursuit and hence they began looking for advisors & incubators. “That is where we came across icreate, an Ahmedabad based incubator. Fortunately we got selected in their Direct Incubation Program and moved to Ahmedabad,” says Palash Agarwal, Founder & Director - Product.

This was followed by acquiring the first set of users and pilot clients in Ahmedabad and as of today, AlmaShines is rendering its services to half a million users and 250+ paid institutions. Kapil informs, “Overall we have had tremendous set of learning about our markets, expectations of clients, engaging the wide user base and it has ultimately helped us to be more confident to emerge as a leading ed-tech company.”

Channelizing Interaction between Institutes, Alumni and its Students
Known to offer end to end alumni management solutions allowing institutions to manage their alumni relations with just 5 hours/month, AlmaShines’ key strength lies in the level of automation and intelligence that is implemented in their services. This not only eliminates the redundant tasks for
alumni coordinators but also builds a hassle-free, vibrant and engaged alumni community. Along with its flagship product Alumni Website - cum- Platform, the company's services also include Alumni Database Enhancement, Alumni Engagement, Alumni Event Planning, Resource Mobilization & Management. "The key thing that we offer for the institutions is automation of the alumni management and expertise to engage the alumni - saving the efforts of the coordinators and helping them to plan more effective alumni engagement initiatives & activities," mentions Manohar Sharma, Founder & Director - Technology.

AlmaShines'thorough expertise on Alumni Management, robust technology & customer centric approach has helped us to emerge as a leading alumni networking company in India. “With Government of support to the startup ecosystem, we are looking forward to align our strategies with the Government Policies,” avers Palash.

YOY, AlmaShines has been doubling the number of its partner institutions, which now stands at 250+ and growing its presence across more than 35 Cities in India. The team’s ultimate chase is to make the educational institutions self-sufficient in terms of resources required to provide a quality education to the students. “Lately, even the government has been acknowledging the tremendous support that alumni can bring for the institutions so definitely we are looking forward to create a huge impact on the education system in the coming years,” Manohar concludes.