Alphabet Investment: A Brand Renowned for Managing Clients Investment

  Pratik Dodhia,   Founder & CEO

Pratik Dodhia

Founder & CEO

India has cemented its position as the 5th Largest economy and will continue to grow at 6-8 percent because of demographic dividend, which will lead to an increase in the middle-income group, and thus we will see a further rise in income and wealth. This will further boost savings which will eventually lead to an increase in investments of an individual. Alphabet Investment provides financial services for professionals, NRIs, family businesses & entrepreneurs. They cater to over 300 HNI families across 15 countries and manage over $75 million across asset classes. The company has helped investors to achieve their investment goals. “Our USP is to manage our client’s investment and mitigate risk thus providing a superior risk-adjusted return. We offer an end-to-end financial investment and services for all our client’s needs, from wealth management to taxes to wealth transfer”, states Pratik Dodhia, Founder and CEO of Alphabet Investment.

Pratik has a professional career spanning two decades. He specializes in managing investments, financial planning and family office set up. Alphabet Investment has a presence in Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Prior to setting up Alphabet Investment in 2015, Pratik has worked with asset management companies like HDFC, Axis & Mirae Asset. Pratik has been an avid reader and acute investor himself and invests his personal money in the same funds that he suggests to clients. Pratik qualified as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in India has been awarded as the “top 40 under 40 business leaders in India”. Pratik is invited and is a regular speaker at various forums to East Africa, UK as well as in India. Alphabet Investment is a wealth management firm set up by Pratik and caters to HNI’s, NRI’s, Businessmen and Professionals.

Financial planning is also known as goal based planning. Goal based financial planning is investing for your future, keeping your financial goals in mind. It starts with making a list of all your financial goals, estimating the value of each financial goal, and preparing a monthly investing schedule that will lead to achieving them. As a result, you effectively give all of your dreams and goals a financial plan.

According to studies, investors who start their investment journey early tend to have higher savings and are more likely to achieve double their initial desired investment goal. Alphabet Investment believes in a client first approach. The company's experience over the years has helped it to understand its client’s needs and it has developed a customized approach and multi-asset class offering to meet those needs. Alphabet Investment is a 100 percent employee owned company. The organization's independence allows it to maintain a singular focus on managing clients’ assets and their
investment success. The company offers investment alternatives in equity, fixed income, and alternative assets in INR, USD, and GBP.

Investment Management & Financial Services
From wealth creation to wealth management to wealth transfer, Alphabet Investment is a one-stop solution for all financial assistance and needs. Mutual funds, equity investment/portfolio management services, bonds/fixed deposits, private equity, family office setup, share depository, financial planning/retirement planning, fixed income alternatives, income tax, estate planning, and real estate investments are all services provided by Alphabet Investment. For investors, the financial market can occasionally be complicated and overwhelming. By helping them define their life goals, map their assets to those aspirations, and plan for multiple goals without negatively impacting their cashflows Alphabet Investment strives to plan ahead for retirement, unforeseen emergencies, inflation, and even tax planning over the years. “In finance, it is critical to ignore the hype in the market and concentrate on what makes sense. Our knowledge and foresight allow us toadvise our investors against ambiguous asset classes or overvalued investment options. We have helped our clients avoid significant investment mistakes, some of which would include us preempting and preventing them from investing in the bitcoin bubble, unlisted shares, or even overvalued IPOs, to mention a few”, explains Pratik.

Our USP is to manage our client’s investment and mitigate risk thus providing a superior risk-adjusted return

Addressing the Client’s Best Interest
"A client came to us in 2019 and was planning to retire in the next couple of years. The clients’ requirement was to generate a monthly cash flow for expenses. The client's needs and timeframe were examined and Alphabet came up with a strategy for the investor that aimed to generate a 10 percent return as opposed to 6 percent which would be achieved by investing in Fixed Deposits. Covid hit soon after the client started investing with Alphabet. However, even during COVID, the client continued to receive cashflows of Rs. 50,000 per month. Today the client's 1 Crore investment is worth 1.27 Crores (a compounded annual return of about 16 percent)over and above the monthly with drawals. Fixed deposits do not take inflation into account, so they would ultimately have led to value destruction. As a result, Alphabet was able to plan for cashflows, find a solution to his pain points, and start assisting the client with his retirement plan", further adds Pratik.

Another instance of emotional investment involved a person who invested 2 crores INR at the beginning of January 2020. As the pandemic hit, he was concerned about his family's ability to access the investments in the event that something was to happen to him and the tremendous market volatility at that time.His instinct told him to redeem his investment. Alphabet sat down to discuss his concerns and addressed them. The company communicated the importance of investing in joint names and ensuring the addition of beneficiaries (nominees) where there were none. Alphabet involved his family in the investment process so they were informed and knew who to call in case of emergency to allay his concerns about his dependents' access to his wealth. Today the client's investments are secure, and the portfolio stands at 3.53 Crores giving an annualized return of 23.5 percent merely because he chose to remain invested.

For parents, planning for their child's education is one of the most important goals. One of the clients expressed concern about his financial security in 2015, as he had not made any investment plan. The client needed to meet two important financial objectives: one was for his children's education, and the other was for retirement. Alphabet realized the client wanted to send his daughter to a university in the USA for her Master's degree while making plans for his child's education. Alphabet reminded him that, eventually, the fees would have to be paid in dollars. The company decided to invest in a dollar-denominated investment option in order to achieve this goal as this would reduce the currency risk. The client would have been required to set aside an additional 32 percent of cash to allow for rupee depreciation if this corpus had been invested in the Indian rupee, which has fallen against the dollar from 62 to 82 from 2015 to the present. In order to reduce the risk of currency fluctuation and successfully meet the client's goal, Alphabet also allocates and invests in dollar alternatives.