Altaire Insights Technologies: Working With A Vision To Be A Leading Digital Transformation Partner For Businesses

Anuchandran Nair ,Founder & MD

Anuchandran Nair

Founder & MD

The global digital trans-formation market size was evaluated at $608.72 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.1 percent from 2022 to 2030. With consumers and the workforce used to online shopping and doorstep delivery and the conveniences of working from home that companies have come to accept as the new normal, businesses need to rewire and reimagine their systems to cater to unique needs. Digital is disrupting almost all industries across the globe and is 10x faster than the industrial revolution, 300x the scale, and 3000x the impact.

Startups are at the forefront of this race; their differentiators are speed, agility, and a culture of innovation and risk-taking. Established in 2019, Altaire Insights Technologies enable ecosystems, focusing on building platforms that place customers at the centre of every digital transaction. Altaire helps accelerate the technology transformation process by working with organizations to brainstorm and ideate to arrive at innovative solutions.

The Indian economy is over-growing at 13.5 percent (GDP), and the country is ranked third in the global startup ecosystem. Despite the workforce downsizing across significant corporates, the demand for technology and automation will never die, and even in the event of a worldwide recession, only technology can ensure the survival of businesses. Altaire Insights' foundation is built on the four pillars of Innovation, Experience, Engineering, and Insights; an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to learn and understand businesses are the secrets to Altaire's success.
The company has created a niche in Digital Transformation by being the first to develop a patented factory model (System and method for facilitating digital business transformation) that can be applied to any industry. Their patented prototype enables digital transformation to be used by small and large businesses, tracking strategies and making recommendations to these strategies as an ongoing process. "Altaire has been one of those rare businesses that have been profitable right from the first year, launching the first global platform for a US client," says Anuchandran Nair, Found-er and CEO, Altaire Insights Technologies.

Altaire serves its customers across different industries, including Automotive, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Financial Services, Non-Profit, and more. The company's primary offering includes Outsourced Product Development, UX, DevOps and Engineering Services, Agile Business modelling, Insights, MVP Launchpad, Digital Product strategy and road-map, and Growth partner (offers organizations support for business and technology in exchange for a share in the growth).

Anjali Nair, Co-founder & Director
A passionate team, rooted in digital
Altaire experts and consultants are groomed to think and act like entrepreneurs, not just software engineers. All their consultants have a strong technology orientation from an engineering or computer science background and provide a mix of thought leadership, technology, and design expertise. The experience that Altaire founders bring from running businesses completely out-side of technology, selecting startups for Venture Funding, consulting with Fortune 500 firms, and being on boards of publicly listed and private companies has created a unique yet diverse perspective. Altaire's unique Pod-based billing model allows the customer to choose between variants of specialized teams to serve a particular purpose, such as Customer discovery Pod, Development Pod, DevOps as a service Pod, and UX Research and Design Pod.

Altaire's focus in the next five years will be on building strong partnerships with growing businesses, advising, investing, and strategizing on all aspects of running the company, in addition to technology. "Using the patented factory model, Altaire attempts to make this effort inclusive enough to bring in the small and big players in the industry, enabling everyone to win," signs off Anuchandran.