Alterlyfe: Women-Ahead Social Ecommerce Marketplace Enabling Eco-Friendly Lyfestyle

Shikha Mehra,FounderThe global green technology and sustainability market size is projected to reach $74.64 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of more than 20 percent. There are not many reliable marketplaces which are providing ecofriendly and sustainable products. The market for all such products is very scattered and dissipated. In big marketplaces offering sea of brands, the consumer is lost and selecting even one good product gets very time consuming and often tiresome. On the other hand, there are many new MSME brands that have come up believing in the idea of sustainability and offer products which are not only better for the body but better for the environment. AlterLyfe is a bridge between these consumers who are looking for good quality ecofriendly and sustainable products and the emerging brands that promise to fulfil all the former requirements. It is an Alternative for a Better Lyfestyle.

AlterLyfe is a Social Ecommerce Marketplace for unique and hand curated products which are Natural, Chemicalfree, Ecofriendly & Sustainable that support Personal Care, Home Necessities & Mother Earth. AlterLyfe has assimilated all such many products directly from brands that are committed to best quality & dedicated to sustain ability. AlterLyfe provides the consumers ease of buying & delivery, through its techlead D2C online platform.

"We are all witnessing the horrors of usage of plastic, usage of various chemicals and the toll they take on our health and environment. Exposure to these toxic chemicals found in many products are linked to cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and other ailments, pollution of soil and water the list being endless. I
decided to create a platform where people could get natural products free from harmful chemicals and hence AlterLyfe was born. I have personally witnessed the magic of conscious living by being more mindful and transitioning my use of products that support nature and are ecofriendly. As a Homemaker, a Voice Over Artist & an ex-corporate Professional; I realized that there are many people out there like you and me who want to create a happy story for our self, our family & our environment", says Shikha Mehra, Founder, AlterLyfe.

It's the need of the hour to change our habits bit by bit and go for product swaps that lead us to Wellness and a Better Lyfestyle

Extended Range of Products
The various categories of AlterLyfe are Plantable stationery, All Natural personal care range, Sustainable kitchenware, Eco-friendly disposables, Pure copper products, Cast iron products, Chemical free nutrition, Toughtful gifts and many more....The products are directly sourced from brands/manufacturers after due diligence of certifications quality its use and various other parameters and delivered to consumers pan India as fast as possible to their doorstep.

"Alterlyfe was started in December, 2019 and through the positive feed backs from our initial consumers and word of mouth publicity, we started growing organically in cities like Thane, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, etc. We are still an early stage and evolving startup working hard and looking forward to expand our AlterLyfe Tribe" says Shikha.

Future Endeavours
The company aims to add more brands to their platform and cater to demands from all across the country. AlterLyfe also looks forward to establishing a global identity in the years to come. "It's the need of the hour to change our habits bit by bit and go for product swaps that lead us to Wellness and a Better Lyfestyle. It was truly an honour for AlterLyfe to be awarded the "Woman Ahead Startup of the year award" by Vyapaar Jagat. We eagerly look forward to expanding our AlterLyfe tribe globally and collaborating with more and more consumers and brands. Here's to promoting sustainability and an eco-conscious living." concluded Shikha.