AMB Industries: Revolutionizing Power Generation & Consumption

Aditya Bhatt,Founder & CEO

Aditya Bhatt

Founder & CEO

When the whole world is busy discussing the consequences of energy problems, a world-class team of scientists, engineers, thought leaders and communicators are committed to tackling the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges with game-changing technology. The team represents AMB Industries, the brainchild of Aditya Bhatt, which came into being in May 2016 with an idea to commercialize his invention - The zero point field energy harvester (Infiamps). AMB is currently supplying this solution to various NGOs, villages and CSR organisations and aims to launch a consumer version very soon in the market.

Aditya was deeply motivated by Nikola Tesla’s work on electricity in his childhood and he began working on various renewable energy tech like solar and wind. Soon he realized about the not so cost-effective, inefficient and bulky part of it. The immediate thought to create something more impactful, cheap and portable led
him to start serious experiments with radiant energy and zero-point energy. After three years of research, a prototype was ready that blew the mind of big VC's in the Silicon Valley and further motivated him to zero in on his own venture. The venture was seed funded by Asha Jadeja Motwani, who is also one of the early investors in companies like Google, PayPal, and Pinterest.

" AMB is going to supply Infiamps to Indian Defense (CRPF) on the Sir Creek region in Kutch and aims to launch a consumer version very soon in the market."

“We have come up with the technology of producing electricity out of thin air that has not yet been seen anywhere else in the world. Our device, Infiamps is five times cheaper than solar, 88 percent efficient and is completely portable for the user to carry it around,” informs Aditya. Currently, the company outsources parts from China and Taiwan as manufacturing in India is currently costly and inefficient. Throwing light on it, Aditya says, “We are trying our best to overcome this by slowly setting up centers for various processes involved in our manufacturing line termed as distributed manufacturing. No one in India has so far been able to do this sort of a thing but we are determined to pull this off. We are already way ahead in terms of technology from our competitors (only one being solar), now we are working on making people understand our tech and get them to use it as
a pilot first, especially in the remote areas.” The company strives to engage its users with its vision on building a green planet, free of usage of fossil fuels and most of them resonate with it.

Mostly all of the products by AMB Industry are either in the energy domain or have a social impact potential on the mass. The target audiences of the company are households, small and large industries, farmers and infact everyone who uses electricity. “Our tech firstly saves the users hundreds of rupees spent monthly on electricity bills. The user connects to nature by using a 100 percent green tech that is completely in tune with nature,” he adds.

The Road to Endless Possibilities"
Recording an exponential growth in terms of revenues and clients in the last 18 months, AMB Industries recently has started a new R&D lab in Ahmadabad and has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The company has received tremendous support from GUSEC(Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council)to get initial traction, access to various government grants and seasoned mentors from various domains.“We are looking towards a full-scale market launch in 2019 and some potential licensing as well to big companies. We are launching some more disruptive products such as water batteries, LTO cells, and also an IOT product in the next 6-8 months,” concludes Aditya.