Amita Care: On a Mission to Resolve Psychosocial Concerns & Improve Mental Health

Dr. Anita Rego, FounderIn today’s fast paced world, people have standardized the term healthy for its physical connotations and absence of disease. Unfortunately, most of us ignore one’s emotional space or do not consider mental health problems as illnesses. Many may not be aware that mental health affects thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships. With professional help from mental health professionals, people can be supported to enjoy an improved quality of life. For many, however, help never comes because they either fail to seek services due to stigma or lack the appropriate knowledge on how and where to access services. Studies suggest that only 17 percent seek mental health services. An additional problem is the lack of trained mental health manpower.

To address both these critical issues, AMITA Care has launched a state-of-the-art tele-mental health intervention and psychotherapy platform that brings together a comprehensive range of services, starting from online consultation to therapy sessions.

"Our objective is to provide an end-to-end solution for people who are seeking services for mental health”, states Dr. Anita Rego, Founder, AMITA Care, an Alliance for Mental Health Interventions and Telehealth Applications (AMITA). The company achieves its mission with the help of its MHCA 2017
recognized mental health professionals drawn from Institutes of National Importance. The major aspect that sets AMITA Care apart from its competitors is that the therapists are specialized mental health professionals and hence have strong par excellence skills in diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare.

AMITA Care’s objective is to provide an end-to-end solution for people who are seeking services for mental health.

AMITA Care’s mental health platform is integrated with AI technology. Patients enrolled in the platform can respond to questions about their health and find the right services and professionals. With a few clicks, they can easily book appointments, make payments, and attend therapy sessions while sitting at home. The company is also building a community on its platform in which people can identify whether they have a mental health issue and connect with other medical professionals through referrals if they have a health issue.

According to Dr. Anita Rego, "A lot of people experiencing mental health issues take time to go to the health service provider even when they feel the distress and realize that they have a problem." There is a tendency for people to delay going to a specialist. She believes that when help is available in the community lost time is bridged the health workers can immediately identify the person requiring the services using the AI at the community clinic or their homes. This is one of the main reasons the company links Symptom Checker with telehealth services. The patients can get help quickly and remotely.

The company also offers a flagship program for corporates to address mental health issues at the workplace. In this project, the company trains managers, and supervisors to have a more empathetic understanding of their employees as well as deal with their mental health issues. And this is a program that is tied up with corporates for a twoyear program. The company is also planning to integrate the program with online counseling services and also AI symptom checker.

Overall, mental health services save lives, while improving the outlook of people who may feel hopeless and lost. If there is any individual suffering from a mental illness or not sure about the illness, connecting with AMITA Care will be a wise decision.