Anagha Global HR Associates LLP: Adding value with turnkey People Management Solutions

Rammohan Chepuri,CEOHiring the best talent is indispensable for the success of any organization. Human resources solution providers work in an increasingly dynamic business environment today and have gone through a considerable transition in recent years. People management consultants have moved from being peripheral support providers and have become strategic partners of its clients in providing an entire gamut of talent management solutions. Human Resource consultants positively impact the efficiency of clients' activities by helping them enhance people potential apart from providing them with the right talent.

With increasing competition facing every industry, the importance of people management consultants has increased manifold. Significantly, one of the key players who have carved a niche for itself in the industry is Anagha Global HR Associates. Anagha Global HR is one of the fastest flourishing process-oriented organizations, founded in 2017 as a center for HR expertise by Ram Mohan Chepuri, a seasoned HR professional with three decades of experience of managing leadership roles in large multinational organizations. Ram started this organization with a deep-seated passion and love for people management. He works with an able team of professionals and associates.

Right Talent for the Right Role
Anagha Global HR offers a wide array of services categorized mainlyas Process HR and Strategic HR. Offerings in process HR include performance management process, goal setting, rewards and recognition, training systems and design and policies. Strategic HR work that Anagha Global HR offers includes manpower planning for green field and brown field plants and facilities, competence mapping, cost optimization, strategic HR planning, risk analysis and so on.

This well honed consulting organization has begun its practices under three pillars. The first pillar is talent-hiring. Anagha Global HR stands out in the market as an organization that possesses a deep understanding of various industrial sectors and markets and in its ability to assess candidates with an enviable accuracy. Its deep understanding of the industry in different sectors enables Anagha Global HR to grasp and deep dive into the role descriptions that enables spotting of the best talent. Anagha Global HR deeply believes in hiring for the right attitude rather than just for domain knowledge and skills. Right talent is identified leveraging the network and expertise of Ram who founded the organization, as he worked in different sectors and geographies across the country. Anagha Global HR team works with high drive to network with right people on the social media.
As a process-oriented consulting firm, Anagha Global HR just doesn’t tie up with an organization for talent hiring just for the sake of acquiring a client or for expanding its business. It works with organizations with a passion to make a difference. It would like to associate with client organizations for the longer term and support them to considerably enhance their quality of hiring talent.

It invariably engages the key team of the client organization in purposeful and structured conversations to adequately understand their values, their vision & mission, their practices and their culture at the outset. The deep dive that Anagha Global HR is capable of, to understand the role in its entirety, makes it excellent in identifying the right candidates in the market.

As a result of this approach, the client organization gets the best of right talent in a reasonable time. Anagha Global HR hires for middle and senior level roles in organizations. Significantly, the firm has a well-groomed team who works on the talent hiring under the leadership of another dedicated experienced HR professional who has more than three decades of experience in the corporate sector. He works with the firm as the head of business development and does all the work relating to talent hiring. Ram pitches in when it comes to expert opinion or expert assessment of candidates.

Another key pillar of the firm is coaching and training. This is where Ram steps in with his forte as an accredited performance coach with certifications from Coaching Foundation of India and as a certified Hogan assessment coach. He specializes in coaching people to turn them into excellent performers. He offers his expertise to any organization across the country to turn their managers into excellent performers. “I’m a performance coach and I help managers and executives become celebrity performers with the help of appropriate tools.

I strongly believe everyone is capable and if provided with right support, coaching, hand-holding and mentoring, one will become an excellent performer. This is my belief as I’ve seen this happening,” says Ram Mohan Chepuri, Founder & CEO. He also offers expertise in training excellent teams as a certified Belbin team roles trainer.

Hiring the best, coaching managers and creating performance celebrities are the secret of every successful business organization

The third pillar of Anagha Global HR is in Processes of HR. Anagha Global HR helps organizations in setting up the processes in defining and operationalizing their processes like performance management system, reward and recognition system, systems and policies, role descriptions and competency management. The processes of HR capture the best practices in formulating and recalibrating HR processes and systems with the twin benefits of contemporariness and maturity, blended with wisdom for the long term.

A Beaming Growth
Anagha Global HR began as a bootstrapped company and has grown multifold from the Hyderabad client base to the clients based across the nation in different industrial verticals over the last three and a half years. The journey was not an easy one though quite fulfilling, as Ram was new to the consulting space. He was a practicing HR person sitting on the other side of the table as a client and moving to the other side of the table as a consultant needed a paradigm shift in his thinking. Further, initially it was quite hard for the firm to find its feet in the competitive consulting space.

Consequently, according to Ram, the outcome at every stage while crossing the hurdles was very encouraging. It strengthened his willpower and brought about a lot of learning in the consulting space, both for him as an individual and as a team for the organization. And as Ram forges ahead to spearhead the firm towards reaching new heights, he aspires to create at least 2500 celebrity performers in the next two years and see at least a dozen large companies having CEOs placed by him and organizations reveling with the presence and contribution of those CEOs in their companies. Ram is currently completing a book “Perform to Soar” which will be in the market quite soon.