Analogy Design: Transforming Digital & Physical Experiences

Vyasateja Rao ,Founder & Creative Director

Vyasateja Rao

Founder & Creative Director

The human race is getting closer to technology than ever before! And with all these advancements such as smartphones, smart wearables, IoT deliverables, business websites and others around, digitalization has become a need of the hour. In this scenario, every business wants the experience of its users to be relevant, delightful and impactful. As customers and users both become digitally mature, UI/ UX also stands at a critical juncture to come to an age, propelling user journeys and interactions to the next level of a smarter future.

Businesses and brands are increasingly aware on the importance of User Experience and are venturing into the space. Standing ahead amongst such brands, Analogy Design led by Vyasateja Rao is a company which believes that true user experience can be achieved through a combination of physical objects with digital interfaces and strong product branding. As Vyasateja’s expertise was around this vibrant field, he analyzed the market and found a futuristic opportunity with the ever-evolving technology trends and established Analogy Design in the year 2015. Emphasizing on matured UI/ UX practice as the third pillar along with Industrial Design and creation of physical objects and technology, the company focuses on both digital and physical interface & experience. Since day one the dynamic troop of Analogy has found the niche area to work.
Initially, the team experimented with various disciplines within the design umbrella that helped them cater to state-of-art solutions. “We have maturity in terms of the breadth of capabilities thought leadership and understanding the intricacies of how UX/UI not only fits in the grand scheme of things but also lead the future. With this we believe in creating beautiful physical products that blend with amazing digital experiences to create holistic and successful product brands. We help clients with Industrial design, User experience design, User interface design, Product Branding, and Packaging Design,” says Vyasateja Rao, Founder & Creative Director.

As a matured UI/UX company rooted in human-centric, lean methodologies and product design, Analogy Design is more prepared than ever to drive experience driven transformation

The founder who comes with a decade of experience in collaborating with global fortune 500 brands and SMB’s, is recognized as a multiple award-winning design leader. With all the competence, he & the well-qualified team moulded Analogy as a global innovation studio. They formed the brand to work across broad disciplines with both established international brands and startups on strategic, customized creative solutions. It offers tailor-made solutions and a personal approach to every project.

As a matured UI/UX company rooted in human-centric, lean methodologies and product design, it is more prepared than ever to drive experience-driven transformation with its startup-like work culture. The company doesn’t believe in volume and has been very selective in every project it executes. It focuses on the projects that are futuristic, disruptive that creates holistic products & brands overall. “We don’t look at the problem at the surface level; we go very deep and analyze the issue to add value to the clients. We also suggest to them what fits their forte,” he exclaims.

Analogy as the best service provider is growing through clients’ references and recommendations. The bootstrapped brand is cash positive by working with international clients under various verticals. Having its clientele base in the US, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, and others, it is looking forward to more growth.