Anandha Grocery: Making Online Grocery a Household Term

Nagarajarao C R, CEOThe era of connected commerce has arrived. Driven by the eCommerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences taking place across the world. This has not only led to the constant increase of consumer’s adoption of electronic channels to shop but also has urged the companies to create real world experiences. Same is the case with Online Grocery shopping. As the shoppers are growing accustomed to the benefits of digital in other retail settings, they are also expecting the same in the grocery segment. The boundaries between eCommerce and physical commerce tend to slow down, enabling the companies to stay ahead in the highly competitive market with bringing in a paradigm shift– attuned with factors of price, quality product, services, and convenience. Trying to blur the lines and meet the expectations of the consumers evolving desires is Coimbatore based Anandha Grocery, an online grocery startup.

A unit of Anandha Group and a
successfully positioned business over the past 40 years, Anandha Grocery is an Online Initiative that provides a platform for the society and its valued customers to order & avail grocery services at any time of their convenience. “Our foray into the market was not a strange one. We already were owning a web development agency Sri Hayavadhana InfoTech, one of the best platforms for online & SEO services prior to venturing Anandha Grocery. With setting our footprints in the online grocery segment to bring a significant impact by serving the needs through a one-stop platform, at the same time we are also bidding aggressively for the new clients at Sri Hayavadhana InfoTech,” speaks Nagarajarao C R, CEO, Anandha Grocery.

Best Price & Quality Products
Since inception, Anandha’s core mission has always been to deliver the finest quality products available and make grocery shopping easy and convenient with benefiting the native consumers in many more years come. The company at the very first hand enhanced its knowledge through meeting vendors, tying up with them and assured to render specialized products of its city to one and all.

“What keeps us out in the crowd is the distinctive feature. The leaders focus on a few areas of the city but we cater throughout the city. Moreover, the response received has not only delighted us but also encouraged us to grow manifolds,” avers Nagarajarao.
Owing to the excellence in understanding customer needs and delivering quality groceries with instore facilities, Anandha leverages its services in categories for Grocery, Personal Care, Home Needs and Branded Foods. Captivating the motto to serve the society and the customers determined by the quality and competitive price, the company also vests on various offers, discounts and most importantly gives three percent cash back on any products purchased. Nagarajarao states, “Through our omnichannel delivery system we assimilate all returns and purchases seamlessly. Also, to customers who do not know how to place an order online, we support them with WhatsApp and call facilities.”

Transcending Geographies
What started off as a solo venture business with 9 people, today the team comprises of 17 members and has been able to garner clients through referrals and word-of-mouth. Anandha serves to a total of 100 clients with an outstanding retention rate of 82 percent. Keeping ‘Customer as the King’, Anandha is building its own network and deriving marketing strategies to lead the road ahead. “As the internet is every household’s thing, we want to expand our operations to Tamil Nadu and eventually across the nation. Slowly adding electronic and toys, we want to cater across all segments in the next five years,” he concludes enthusiastically.