Anisue Healthcare: Bridging The Gap Between Quality Driven Supplements & Affordability

Anikesh Bafna,FounderThe market for Dietary Supplements start-ups in India is burgeoning in the post-pandemic era due to an increased number of people who have started consuming supplements to strengthen their immunity; resulting in a boom in the Healthcare Supplements market globally. This is where Anisue Healthcare has carved a niche for itself as a reputed manufacturer exporter start-up in the field of sports nutrition, nutraceuticals, and food supplements. The company has robustly positioned itself as a path-breaking innovator and creator that aims to revolutionize this fast-developing segment of the healthcare industry by launching a wide range of cutting-edge, yet affordable products.

Anikesh Bafna, a young, imaginative entrepreneur and accomplished national-level athlete, founded the business in 2020. With his profound awareness of the need for a good brand that caters to necessities, he developed a varied range of products that increase the convenience and choice available to consumers. All products are manufactured under expert supervision and satisfy the highest international quality standards, as well as all regulatory and FSSAI norms. Anisue is involved in both end-to-end manufacturingand exporting. It intends to expand the nutraceutical market in the future.

“We believe in increasing consumer convenience by developing a product line
with a diverse range of flavours and better nutritional advantages. We are continually working on developing a new portfolio of ready-touse, conveniently consumable goods with pre-determined and nutritionist-approved carbprotein- fat ratios", says Anikesh Bafna, Founder of the company.

Creating a Simple Way to Keep the Doctor Away
Anisue's ACVSTRX is a popular supplement for maintaining the healthy body metabolism. It is a delicious, flavoured effervescent pill manufactured from apple cider vinegar that aids in weight management, boosts metabolism, offers critical vitamins, and promotes digestive health.

The pill is available in three flavours: Green Apple, Cranberry, and Raspberry. Another notable product of the company is GIGAGREEN; a simple solution for digestive health and enhanced immunity Soluble Daily Greens effervescent tablets in your favourite flavours, packed with the same green ingredients that continuously supply energy from plants to humans. It’s a simple way to ensure better digestive health and enhanced immunity. This also comes in three different flavours, i.e., Lemon Lime, Cumin Zinger (Jal Jeera), and Green Mango.

Anisue has also devised the world’s first consumable oral liquid form of natural hyaluronic acid - HYALIQ. It keeps your skin forever moist and your joints always robust and flexible; a simple way to stay healthy and agile. Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a natural substance produced by the body to keep tissues well-lubricated and moist. It is safe and beneficial to use every day for maintaining skin hydration, provides healthy-looking skin, and helps your joints work like a well-oiled machine.

Our success mantra has been a consistent focus on product innovation and the development of simpleto- use, low-cost nutraceutical products

Driving Needed Innovation
Anisue has devised the world’s first Creatine effervescent tablets (1.5 grams a tablet). It is easier to digest and comes in a lemon flavour, unlike other unflavoured pre-workout
supplements. Anisue is also on the verge of making the world's first whey protein tablets, which are nearing completion.

“At Anisue, we meet the requirements of the customers with respect to affordability and quality by following our deeply embedded and age-old Indian traditions of eating healthy, boosting immunity, maintaining a happy gut, and reducing the risk of diseases", concludes Anikesh.