Anodot: Pioneers of Autonomous Analytics


Team Anodot

Human mind is the machine that processes the innovations all around the world. The technological environment we experience today is nothing but an example born out of passion and perception. Anodot came to the mind of David Drai while he was reviewing the daily rides report and noted a slight declination in the total number of rides from Russia It took David two days to figure out what caused the dip and how to resolve it.

He discovered that it was a result of one of the Russian phone providers not sending SMS messages. This wasn’t an isolated incident; David found that typically it took 12-24 hours to identify accidents like this, and another 24 hours to resolve them. “Traditional BI cannot detect anomalies at the necessary pace, resulting in delayed or neglected business insights. Anodot is disrupting the market by providing a solution that no other company can, with faster and with more accurate insights, using AI/ML technology and patent
algorithms”, says, David Drai, Co-Founder & CEO, Anodot.

He began looking for an off-the-shelf solution and couldn’t find anything adequate. He started looking for people who could help him and connected with Ira Cohen and Shay Lang. From there, they created Anodot, a product that would do it for the whole world. Collect, visualize, track all metrics, on a large scale. “We also required that Anodot’s solution alerts provide insights that would be automatically prioritized, thereby minimizing the potential flood of false alarms or low priority issues”, says Ira Cohen, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist.

"Anodot has experienced huge growth over the past year with our Series B funding round, bringing it to a total of $23 million"

How It Rolls!
Anodot ensures result-oriented services to its clients. It uses patented technology to identify seasonal trends and detect issues in weekly and daily patterns for the faster and more accurate detection of business incidents. It also investigates root causes and alerts customers immediately in real time for them to avoid false positives and minimize the impact on customer ROI. “Our target audience are the analysts within gaming, ad-tech, fin-tech, web streaming, and e-commerce industries who could benefit from our real-time insights, saving them time from having to analyze mass amounts of data by themselves. They can expect
instant alerts and more accurate detection of business incidents”, says Shay Lang, Co-Founder & VP R&D.

The Tickets Won
Anodot has experienced huge growth over the past year with their Series B funding round, bringing it to a total of $23 million. The additional $15 million investment was led by Redline Capital Management together with existing investors Aleph Venture Capital and Disruptive Technologies Venture Capital. Over the past year, Anodot has tripled its revenues, and is gearing up for further expansion in 2019. Within the last year, it has also expanded to Sunnyvale, CA office and opened additional offices in the U.K and Australia, to serve as hubs of the company’s operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Japan.

That What Lies Ahead
During the first few years of the company, the founders carefully built, trained and tested their anomaly detection capabilities. Over the past 18 months, they focused on time to value, introducing more than 30 different integrations with partners such as AWS, Google Cloud, mParticle, Slack, and PagerDuty, among many others. Showcasing the road ahead of the company, the founding team concludes, “As our anomaly detection platform matures, and the ecosystem expands and the clients line up, we are now gearing up to introduce the third element of the autonomous analytics vision: Autonomous Forecast.”