Antzai: On A Mission To Fast-Track Data Centralization & Insights

Sashank Pappu,  Co-founder

Sashank Pappu


AntzAI, is a young startup founded in 2019 and is currently based in Hyderabad, India. The company works with small to mid-size organizations to centralize their data and provide a 360-degree view at pace.

AntzAI works with businesses to create data objects that cater to specific domains and design better logical access. The company’s proprietary framework and expertise in DataSecOps have often earned various organization’s trust and reputation.

AntzAI’s 20-member competent team has built reusable DataOps frameworks within the cloud and on-premise. Thereby helping clients see results within weeks that would otherwise take a couple of quarters. Delivering quality infrastructure and state-of-the-art architecture has enabled the startup to make an impact.

AntzAI has served multiple customers and templatized several data engineering and analytical processes. Customer testimonials
have often shown an element of surprise and contentment.Fast-track DataOps Offerings include Data Lake centralization in the cloud(Azure) - 6 weeks; Data Governance using Azure Purview - 4 weeks; Machine Learning models development & deployment using Azure ML - 6 weeks; and Robotic Process Automation using Power Automate – 4 weeks.

Inspired by the humble Ant and an Ant colony, Our core values are strategic execution,strong work-ethic and synergistic teamwork

AntzAI has helped clients automate many manual processes and integrate incoming data from numerous sources like SAP, Oracle, Encompass, Blend, Salesforce, and many other SaaS applications through APIs. The company is currently working on projects in the Retail, Finance and Mortgage industries.

“We have successfully delivered 10+ automation projects in the Mortgage Automation, with $100k return on investment to a US-based client under six months”, adds Sashank Pappu, Co-founder.

With a decade of experience in large-scale data solutions, the employees bring their engineering learnings and create magic in designing and developing solutions from scratch. Being a fast-paced company, AntzAI aims to establish its presence in the United States as a strong Data as a Service (DaaS) firm.