Anu Tech Infra: Revolutionizing Infrastructure Procurement Through Technology

Siddharth Singh, Dharmesh Bishnoi, Anil Vishnoi, & Akshay Choudhary ,Co-FoundersThe Infrastructure sector has been the prima-ry focus of the Union Government in recent times, and annual spending on the same has increased manifold. For instance, the Union Government in the Union Budget 2022 has allocated INR 60,000 Crores towards the Jal Jiwan Mission. Founded in 2021 at the heart of Jaipur, Anu Tech Infra (`Anu Tech') has already climbed its way up the infrastructure procure-ment industry. Just like an ANU i.e., an atom, Anu Tech is creating an eco-system that provides all the atoms that make up the Infrastructure industry. Anu Tech is a Tech Company operating in the Infrastructure procurement spacewith a simple motto, 'SAVE MONEY, TIME & HEAD-ACHES'.

It is a B2B marketplace and a one-stop solution for Infrastructure Ka procurements and supplies. Many of its customers and buyers have started referring to Anu Tech as 'Infrastructure d. Shopping Mall'. Anu Tech is providing complete infrastructure solutions while en-suring the delivery of quality products at the best pos-sible prices and takes care of the entirety of the supply chain, ranging from quality assurance, inspections, gov-ernment approvals, timely execution, tracking, and delivery.

Since its inception, Anu Tech has maintained one of the highest Gross Merchandise Values (GMVs) among all other companies in the industry, some of which are Unicorns now. Anu Tech has generated a whopping turnover of Rs.50 Crores in the first year of its operations. Several of the Country's largest infrastructure companies, such as NCC, Powermech, Sphiro, Laxmi Civil, etc. have entrusted Anu Tech with their procurement needs.
The Company specializes in water and road infrastructure projects and is the lone player catering to the procurement industry in these sectors.

Anu Tech's products include pipes, pumps, valves, house service connections, FHTC, steel, sand, aggregate, pea gravel, DG sets, trans-formers, and solar panels. The firm also provides technical and legal assistance and specialized personnel for on-site project execution. "With our wide array of services and presence in the water infrastructure industry, Anu Tech is playing a pivotal role in ensuring that every individual and household in the country has access to clean drinking water", shares Akshay Choudhary, Co-Founder, Anu Tech.

Anu Tech's full-stack tech-driven approach armed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SaaS gives the firm an edge over its competitors. The firm offers a centralized AI-backed online marketplace for infrastructure procurements and supplies, using a mobile application and a web platform. The Anu Tech platform offers services like Geo Tracking and real-time monitoring that keep the firm as well as the Contractor and Vendor updated about every project. Anu Tech's extensive and exclusive data-base of vendors and suppliers across the country with its unique and innovative models gives Anu Tech its advantage and makes it the Industry leader.

Anu Tech's full-stack tech-driven approach armed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and saas gives the firm an edge in the industry

"We determined that there was an absolute vacuum in the procurement industry and decided to create a technological ecosystem that shall provide end-to-end solutions. Dharmesh Bishnoi, Co-Founder, Anu TechFurthermore, the Company is gearing towards extending its services across the country and introducing several new services (including logistics and credit facili-ties).

The Anu Tech platform will allow the clients to save capital and time exponentially. With the introduction of the Anu Tech ecosystem, the firm ensures to handle everything else for its clients, leaving them to focus solely on the execution of their infrastructure projects in re-turn for a fraction of the cost and time. The Company has offices in Jaipur (Rajasthan), and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and is planning its expansion in Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, and Raipur.

"With this Platform, Anu Tech has created an eco-sys-tem that provides a solution to all these issues prevalent in the procurement and supply chain industries", shares Anil Vishnoi, Co-Founder, Anu Tech. With thorough research experience and expertise in the field of business development, Anu Tech was able to develop an ecosystem that revolutionized the entire procurement industry.