Anvayins Travels: Unveiling Unique & Thematic Travel Experiences In Northeast India

Nishikant Das,  CEOIndia's rich cultural heritage has always been a draw for international travelers, contributing to the growth of the travel industry and economic development. Despite the attention given to popular tourist destinations, lesser-known places that offer deeper cultural experiences often go unnoticed, and this is particularly true for Northeast India. Anvayins, a startup based in Mumbai and Pune, aims to change that by promoting the hidden gems of Northeast India and creating unforgettable memories for travelers. Led by Nishikant Das(CEO), also known as Nishi, a seasoned investment banker and graduate of IIT Kanpur and XIM Bhubaneswar, Anvayins operates in three main areas: retail journeys for vacationers, corporate events, and public events. The retail business caters to travelers going on holidays, while the corporate events segment has organized off-site and felicitation events for prestigious clients such as State Bank of India Global Markets and SBI Life General Insurance Company, attended by their top management.

Anvayins recently organized Assam's first-ever ultra run, the Anvayins Kaziranga Ultra Run, dedicated to Rhino conservation. Despite being a startup, Anvayins received sponsorship from prominent Indian corporates like Bandhan Bank, OIL, SBI
Mutual Fund, HDFC ERGO, Apraava Energy, HDFC Life, and Numaligarh Refinery. Inspired by its success, Anvayins plans to organize more events to position Northeast India as a unique sporting destination.

Immersive Experiences & Cultural Connections
Anvayins distinguishes itself by its in-depth knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the Northeast region, which goes beyond mainstream tourist destinations. The company boasts of a dedicated research and development team that is comprised of regional experts who have spent considerable time amongst local communities and gained insights into the region's customs, laws, and constitutions, from the southernmost tip of Tripura to the northernmost tip of Arunachal Pradesh. The knowledge thus gained has helped Anvayins offer an authentic and immersive experience that in Nishi’s words ‘offer a rendezvous with the soul of the region’. In its journeys, the company organizes cultural performances, storytelling sessions, culinary know-how, and more. “Our primary goal was to dispel misconceptions and showcase the rich culture and tradition of Northeast India to the rest of the country. Despite the setback of the pandemic, we spent more than three years extensively researching and understanding not only the prominent locations of the seven sisters and their brother but also the remote areas, festivals, and local customs. As a result, our team has now become well-versed, akin to an encyclopedia, in the nuances of Northeast India”, says Nishi.

Anvayins offers rich travel experiences with personalized attention, catering to other traveler groups, and senior citizens by providing round-theclock support via WhatsApp. They create extraordinary journeys with unparalleled value, focusing on knowledge and unique experiences. Anvayins also actively contributes to local communities through initiatives such as homestay renovations and sponsoring traditional festivals. Nishi has been recognized for his contributions by esteemed organizations, including invitations to make presentations at the plenary session of the North East Council on attracting discerning travelers to the region.

Future Roadmap
Anvayins is currently in a developmental phase with ambitious plans for expansion. The company intends to use its platform to offer customized travel guidance and showcase a diverse range of experiences across destinations. While Anvayins is currently focused on building a strong foundation for its business, it plans to seek the support of investors to deepen its offering through the use of technology.