APL Apollo: Innovation & Beyond

Anubhav Gupta,  Chief Strategy Officer

Anubhav Gupta

Chief Strategy Officer

As we began to embark on analyzing brands that deserve attention in the Structural Steel Tube Industry, we encountered multiple key players - each of them with exceptional standards and values. After bouts of consideration and rating on several key parameters credibility, resources, certification, quality, innovation, customer feedback, and more, APL Apollo earned this Spotlight. With a capacity to produce 2.6 Million Tonnes per annum, APL Apollo Tubes Limited is the largest producer of Structural Steel Tubes in India. Operating in over 29 cities in India alone and making a mark in more than 20 countries worldwide, APL Apollo has gained an extremely strong presence and extensive distribution network.

Well-known for its excellence, customer-centricity, and quality, APL Apollo operates with a vision to be a global leader. Leading such giant business ventures often demand high levels of domain expertise coupled with consistent hard work. With that said, Sanjay Gupta, the present Chairman & MD of the company is truly capable of strategically meeting the brand’s great visions and objectives. With immense leadership acumen and years of experience, Sanjay along with his dextrous team is piloting the success journey of APL Apollo. Under his aegis, the company has been witnessing uncompromised growth.

The Delhi-based company is committed to strengthening India’s infrastructural backbone with its structural tubes and hollow sections. “Our wide range of offerings includes over 1,500 varieties of PreGalvanized Tubes, Galvanized Tubes, Structural steel tubes and Hollow Sections, making APL Apollo one of the leading branded steel products manufacturers in India". the company claims. The products offered by the company can be broadly classified into four categories: Coated Tubes, Heavy Construction Materials, Light Construction materials, and Home Innovation Series.

The League of its own
Founded by(late)Sudesh Kumar Gupta, innovation laid the foundation of APL Apollo. While the entire steel industry was manufacturing round and circular pipes for water, oil, and gas transportation, APL Apollo
plunged into creating square and rectangular tubes for load learing/ building applications. What poised to be a turning point in the brand’s journey was, introducing the hub-and-spoke model and appointing dealers from across the country.

APL Apollo Tubes Limited is the Industry Leader in Structural Steel Tubing, vouching for our dream of ‘Make in India’ with an extensive distribution network and world-class quality

Since then, there has been no looking back for the company. With its world class facilities, 10 state-of the-art manufacturing units, widely spread distribution network of 800+ distributors, and over 50,000 retailers, APL Apollo is India’s largest structural steel tube company with 50 percent of the market share. In the last 10 years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds reaching colossal sales volume. Nonetheless, it has onboarded over 2,00,000 fabricators from all over India. “At APL Apollo, innovation is embedded in our culture to generate and encourage new ideas for product development and process improvement. We firmly believe that innovative products and groundbreaking processes are the keys to creating a successful business model. With the inhouse development of new products and adoption of the latest technology, we have created a unique competitive advantage for ourselves in the industry". Anubhav Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, APL Apollo.

He further adds, “The years of our seamless growth ensued because we stayed true to our objective of innovating new products of various sizes and shapes for several applications. With our disruptive launches, we have been creating a niche market for ourselves and our products have extensively replaced conventional construction products.

From pioneering many products to vigorously reforming technological processes, APL Apollo has proven its strong market acumen since 1986. The brand leads the process of transformation of the commodity to value-added products through innovation and technology. By embracing Commitment, Trust, Innovation, and Integrity, APL Apollo never compromises on the quality of its offerings.

As a dynamic organization, APL Apollo always aims for consistent improvement and novelty to become the best player in the industry. The company’s current portfolio is brimming with one-of-a-kind and patented products that amplify the whole constructing industry to global glory. While prioritizing innovation, it intends to introduce value-added products that are made in India for the global market. For over three decades, APL Apollo has witnessed transformational growth; scaling from just 1 to 3500 members, maturing at around 25 percent CAGR, and pioneering several products and processes to provide sustainable alternatives to both Indian and overseas markets. Moving forward, APL Apollo has a clear goal of reaching 4 Million Tons sales volume by FY 2025 by launching its 11th and the largest plant in Raipur, India.