Apollo Healthco: Leveraging Technology To Transform The Indian Healthcare Landscape

Vijayendra Singh ,Chief Operating Officer

Vijayendra Singh

Chief Operating Officer

The healthcare sector is vital to human life, but limited access and rising costs have made affordable and accessible healthcare a pressing need. A number of healthcare startups have emerged in recent years to address this gap.

However, these startups, which offer various services including medicine delivery and other healthcare services at doorsteps of people, face challenges such as regulatory compliance, high operating costs, and limited patient awareness. Despite these obstacles, Apollo 24|7 – the digital healthcare platform of Apollo Hospitals Group – has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry by offering affordable and accessible healthcare services. Through its innovative approach, Apollo Healthco (Apollo 24|7) is bridging the gaps in the healthcare sector and making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need.

Apollo 24|7 was established in 2020 and has made significant progress in just three years. The platform has now become the second-largest healthcare platform in India, with an unparalleled ability to deliver medicines within two hours to over 10,000 pin codes and offer high availability of medicines. With an asset-light approach and a focus on rapid scaling, Apollo 24|7 aims to achieve a notable milestone of 100 million registered users within the next five years.

“With Apollo Hospital Group’s remarkable 40-year legacy in the healthcare industry, we are a trusted, respected name in the healthcare industry providing innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving continuum of care needs of patients”, says Vijayendra Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Apollo 24|7.
Apollo 24|7 initially struggled with traditional attitudes towards healthcare as many doctors were hesitant to join due to the preference for facetoface consultations in India. However, the platform persevered and is now the largest teleconsultation platform in India with over 10,000 physicians and 30,000 healthcare professionals onboard. Apollo 24|7 provides high-quality medical care and personalized medication management to distinguish itself from competitors. During the pandemic, the platform accelerated its efforts with the Kavach project, providing a comprehensive COVID-19 solution to thousands of Indians.

Additionally, it offers innovative healthcare solutions, including diagnostic test booking and video consultations with Apollo doctors within 15 minutes. “We prioritize patient-centric healthcare outcomes through advanced technologies, including our AI-based doctor assistant tool – Clinical Intelligence Engine (CIE) – to improve diagnostic efficiency and precision”, adds Madhu Aravind, Chief Technology Officer, Apollo 24|7.

The firm's success can be attributed to its diverse and proficient team. Apollo 24|7 has achieved impressive results with over 23 million app downloads, 15 million medicine orders fulfilled, one million diagnostics tests and two million doctor consultations completed. The Tech Team continues to develop unique solutions such as the Clinical Intelligence Engine with inputs from Apollo's expert doctors. The strength was created around Data led decision-making by creating state of art Clinical Data Lake with utmost data security and ability to analyze and infer valuable medical insights.

A strong cohesion between different teams across the organization with a controlled vision around business scalability has resulted in financial growth of a 4x and 3x increase over the last two years respectively. With a pin pointed focus on customer engagement aimed at providing value to customers, Apollo 24|7 delivers distinctive online value propositions to every single one of its customers. Fastest growing and the largest omni-channel healthcare platform in the country ensures accessibility and affordability to the best quality of healthcare for all.

The healthcare industry has undergone a significant digital transformation with the use of Big Data, mobile devices, and AI, and patients have embraced technology to access healthcare. Digitalization is expected to improve outcomes and make health systems more sustainable, but healthcare providers must integrate new technologies into traditional processes to create a hybrid model of healthcare delivery.

Apollo Healthco's future roadmap involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies like an AI-enabled doctor assistant and remote monitoring tools to make quality medical care accessible and affordable to all.

Although an AI doctor is not foreseeable, AI can improve healthcare through adaptability, ingenuity, and investment. At the heart of Apollo's mission is the belief that quality healthcare should be accessible and affordable for everyone!